Monday, May 21, 2007

Time Flies

Today Richie had his last day of preschool. He graduates on Wednesday and then he'll be a Kindergartner! This has been such a great year for him. He is sooooo ready socially, emotionally, and definitely academicaly for this new step. Mommy? Well, she's another story. I felt like crying when I left him this morning. I am thankful, though, for this year that I have had with him and for the summer ahead...swimming, tballing, traveling to see family and friends, having pancakes for breakfast, Celebration City...yep..oodles of fun ahead!

Tomorrow Baby Will (as he has been affectionately called since birth) will be 3 YEARS OLD! Another tug at my heart. Every Mom has a different year that does them in...for me it is #3. When they turn three there is just no baby left, William is a little boy and there is just no denying it. Ugh! We are having a Thomas the Tank Engine Party for him, he is very excited! On Thursday we take him to preschool round up. He starts 3 yr preschool in the fall. Can he possibly be big enough for that? I'm just not sure, but again he is more than ready. He will attend the same preschool and have the same classroom and teacher that Richie had, so he already knows the ropes! William also gets to play Tball (biddy league) this summer, this will be the cutest thing ever, I'm sure. We're still trying to locate baseball pants that will actually fit him. He already has a pretty fierce hit, though. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

In other news -

Richie has learned to flush the toilet. I threatened this weekend that I would take a nickel out of his piggy bank every time he forgot. I reasoned that he was paying me to do it for him. I only had to take 10 cents before he got the picture. Not enough to buy Mommy a pedicure, but atleast I won't have to smell urine every time I step into the bathroom.

Will has still had no luck depositing anything in the toilet, so no worries about flushing with him.

Still no word from B on the shed, if she follows her pattern we'll expect more ignoring until she decides to let loose on us again this time next year. I'm kind of hoping she'll pick me next time, because I'd like a chance to release some of the narrative I have in my head.

I need to close for now, because I can only postpone packing party goody bags for so long before I'll be considered a negligent mother. Pray for no rain since the party will be out of doors tomorrow. Because I am such a great party planner, I HAVE NO PLAN B! Great just as I finished typing that the heavens opened up with cats and dogs (rain)...on your knees people...PRAY!!!


Janelle said...

I am so glad that Lang and Will are in preschool together. It does seem like a HUGE milestone for them. I love that our kids are growing up together!

shelley said...

It's been a great year! I've enjoyed having our kids in the same class, but i don't know if i can say the same for our teacher! As much as i've said, "i can't believe will's gonna be in preschool this year!", i really can. he's grown up a lot lately, becoming a true little man, and he's awesome. he'll be great!