Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things on my living room floor...

After writing my last post, I started to get up to get ready for bed (because it's after midnight) and took a look at my living room floor. This is what I saw...

empty wipes box
three pillows that should be on the couch
Richie's shorts
Cars DVD cover
3 decorative wicker balls that should be in the basket on the coffee table
orange ball, no two orange balls
white ball
sippy cup
keyboard with no working batteries
Richie's underwear
1,2,3 McDonald's "American Idol" toys...are those annoying or what?
soccer cleats
flip flops
toy car
scooby doo book
empty bubble gum bucket that Will wears for a hat

Scavenger hunt, anyone? And this is just what I can see from where I am sitting. Okay, getting up now!

1 comment:

shelley said...

yes, the american idol toys are seriously annoying!