Monday, May 7, 2007

Stay at Home Mom?

Sometimes I think the term Stay at home Mom is an oxymoron. Sure there are days that I stay at home to do laundry, clean house (oh yeah, and take care of the kids), but many of my days are like today trekking from one activity/obligation to another.

The day started off with a trip to Krispy Kreme (not a bad way to start the day, I admit) to purchase donuts for Richie's preschool birthday party. His birthday is actually in the summer, but they give equal opportunity to everyone so that even summer birthdays get to celebrate at school. Actually, before the buying, there was the task of deciding which variety to buy. Richie wanted the glazed donuts with chocolate and sprinkles, so since those seemed very birthday like I thought that was a good idea. And then the doubt creeped in...wait a minute...should I buy all the donuts with chocolate and sprinkles or offer an alternative for the children who may only like plain donuts? I didn't want it to be like the time I brought string cheese for a snack...I thought we were going to have a preschool coup d'√Čtat. Anyway, to thwart anything like this happening again, I thought it necessary to wake my slumbering husband for his point of view. He thought I should offer a second alternative and sleepily helped me figure out what the appropriate ratio of sprinkles to plain should be. What a man!

Wow, that's two paragraphs and I'm not even out the door for the day yet. I'll quicken my pace.

Anyway, after purchasing the donuts, we headed to school for helper/party day. It was my last preschool helper day for Richie since he'll be heading off to school next year. It was fun and the donut ratio worked out well.

After preschool we headed to swimming lessons. Both boys are learning to swim so they can hopefully be watersafe this summer.

After swimming lessons, we grabbed a quick lunch before Richie's music class. Yes, that's right...donuts for breakfast and fast food for lunch...a very nutritional day.

Currently the boys are resting before we head out for our last outing of the day, a Springfield Cardinals game (our local baseball team). It is a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) night. That should be interesting, a baseball stadium full of preschoolers!

Yep, that's our day in a nutshell...

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Janelle said...

Love that! The donut ratio is always a stresser for me, too. That and ordering pizza for a crowd. You are a great mom!!