Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Party Time!

Will's party turned out to be a hit! The day started off unsure because when we woke up it was raining and the majority of our party plans were out of doors. The party was held at a local kiddie amusement park. It has just a few rides that are just right for Will's age group and a cute party room. It is a really good deal and a REALLY easy way to throw a party. Plus, one of the rides is a train so that went along well with our Thomas the Tank Engine party theme!

By the time the party started (about 10am) it was just a drizzle and they were willing to run the rides as long as it didn't downpour or storm. I wasn't sure how the kids would react to the rain, but it didn't phase them one bit!

We started off the party riding rides for about 45 minutes, at that point it started to rain a little harder so we moved the party inside for cake and snacks. We sang "Happy Birthday", but William was a little hasty and blew the candles out as soon as they were lit. He was really loving the attention! The kids enjoyed snacks (Chex Mix, Pretzels, M&Ms, Skittles), Cake and juice. After all 14 party guests had fallen into a sugar coma, we moved back outside to ride a few more rides before the time expired on their armbands. Well, that's the party in a nutshell, it was loads of fun and I think fun was had by all. I know William certainly enjoyed his special day.

After the party we told William he could have his pick for eating lunch out. He picked Panera...gotta love that kid! We had a nice lunch there and then retired home to open presents. He received some wonderful presents from his buddies!

After that, as you can imagine...a nap was well overdue and he willingly went to bed because he was "tiwed". He woke up just in time to get ready for Richie's Tball game which ended our action packed day! I've attached some pictures below for your viewing pleasure ;-)

Even Sir Topham Hatt came to the party!

Our Little Engineer

The train on the cake was a wind up and when you let go it traveled along the track!

Some of the party guests

Richie's a little wet from the rain, but HAPPY!


A smile to melt your heart...

Will with a few of his "girls"

Teacup Joy

What a windfall!

What do Sir Topham hat and Yoda have in common? Nothing, but Will just had to try on his new Yoda costume from L.

That's all folks...


Janelle said...

What a fun day! I love these pictures. Langley had an awesome time celebrating "Williman". Thanks for the memories! Hope Yoda and Luke have fun together.

shelley said...

we had a blast! thanks for the great memories!

Dayngr said...

Adorable! My little guy turned 3 on the 19th. He loves Thomas the Train too.

Queen Dixie said...

Thanks for having such a great party. Also thanks for letting my "big boy" crash it. He was really wanting to go to his "other brother's party". Thanks letting him be part of the family.