Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Official. I've Lost My Bloggy Mojo.

I mean, it's been waning for quite some time, but I think the fact that I have just spent three ice/snow days at home without writing a single post officially seals the deal. I imagine there are a variety of reasons for this, but I'm pretty sure I do not have the mental energy necessary to delve into them. I'm also sure I've spent entirely too much time writing this mediocre paragraph. Moving on...

I'll just try to hit the highlights.

The Big D. Right. Well, the Big M has lasted a little longer than I anticipated. It's just that food is so good (hear that in a whiny voice) and I have learned that I can eat fairly well as long as I exercise and maintain my current weight. Ultimately I would still like to lose more weight, but I have been having a hard time returning to the level of caloric deprivation needed to actually do that. It seems I've lost my diet mojo as well.

Running. I'm still plugging away at that. I still don't really love doing it. I sometimes kind of like it, usually feel good afterwards, and am quite fond of it's calorie burning benefits, but...that's about it. I hear talk of this magical moment when you are running and you want to just keep on going (kind of like Engergizer Bunny, I guess), but this has just not happened for me. It could be that I run on generic batteries. Any advice on this matter is welcome.

The Job. I absolutely LOVE my new job. Naturally, having a part-time job has brought about some changes and an adjustment period into our lives, but the purpose involved makes it all worth it! It only took oh...about a nanosecond for God (through this organization) to grab my heart and give me a passion for these kids! I love that our particular branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters is faith based. If you have the time and a heart for being a mentor, please check into it! There are so many kids out there in need of a positive adult role model in their lives. I promise it will bless you! Check out this BBBS promo is really cute!

Spot. I will be honest. I'm still not a big fan of owning a dog (please don't tell my kids because this fact really distresses them...especially Richie). Spot is doing better, but there is still unlawful pooping, peeing, chewing, and even on occasion puking (blech) that I could really do without. However, in the spirit of trying to maintain a good attitude, I will admit a few pros to the whole dog ownership thing including and possibly limited to 1) fewer crumbs on the floor 2) a playmate for the kids and 3) fewer toys on the floor (the kids pick them up so the dog doesn't chew them up!). I still can't say that as of now the pros are outweighing the cons, but maybe we'll get there.

My Papaw. Please keep him in your prayers. He has been suffering from Pancreatic Cancer for awhile now and is not doing well. The doctor's have said there is nothing more they can do for him. My Mom and Dad are in Tennessee now helping out and spending time with him. I hate not being there with them. On a positive note, I did receive one bit of wonderful news regarding him this week, he accepted Christ! I am so thankful for that and feel peace that when he passes on, he'll pass on into the arms of Jesus.

Papaw with the boys two summers ago...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Be Still My Heart...

Jamie tagged me for this fun little meme...and just look what I found in my photo archives! It's Baby Will! Also affectionately know as Baby Wiwam (what Richie called him at this stage).

Sigh.Where in the world does the time go?

Wanna play along?

Just follow these rules (or you could skip the last one, like I did...I'm such a rebel):

The object of the picture tag is to:

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer

2) Select the 4th picture in the folder

3) Explain the picture

4) Tag 4 people to do the same. NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

Have fun!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

If you don't do anything else today, Moms...


Brought tears of conviction to my eyes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because He Really Does Rock

Check out this fun giveaway at Becoming Me. It is Angela's 35th birthday and she is celebrating by giving away a cute T-shirt from a company called From*me Tees. Don't forget to wish her a happy birthday while you are there!