Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There...

So. My blogging has been a bit sporadic lately. It's just that composing updates on Facebook seems to fit a little better into my busy lifestyle these days. I'm sure many of you can relate. It's like I've lost the will to write in paragraphs or something. Troubling, I know.

A lot has been going on lately. I started a new part time job with Big Brothers Big Sisters. A few of you were wanting to know more about the job, so I thought I'd fill you in a little bit. My official title is Case Manager. My duties will be varied, but my main role will be processing applications for "bigs" and "littles", interviewing them, and matching them up. How fun is that? Also, I will be supervising the current matches and staying in contact with them. I really love that it is purposeful work. Also, the hours are very flexible and I can take Will to work with me as well!

Last week was rough. Richie was REALLY sick. The doctor was thinking at one point that it was Mono, but apparently it was just a Mono type virus. He is doing much better this week, though, and went back to school yesterday. I knew he was going to be fine when I saw him skipping to the car at pick-up yesterday. Richie is not Richie unless he is skipping or running to his destination ;-)

The Big D. Actually, it is more like, the Big M, right now. M standing for maintain. Because let's face it, trying to diet in December is like trying to run uphill 7000 miles in a blinding snowstorm. Or something like that. I will be happy if I make it through the holiday season without gaining and if I lose a couple of pounds in the process, that will be a nice bonus. So, I haven't updated you all in awhile on my progress. I'm still plugging away at it. Seriously, I am probably the world's slowest weight loser, but I persevere, nonetheless. I am about half way to my "ideal" goal. And not far from my "I could be happy here" goal. When I get to the "I could be happy here" goal, I will decide whether or not to persevere to the "ideal" goal. I'm trying to decide if the "ideal" goal is realistic for this 33 year old Mommy body and/or worth the sacrifice to get there. ¿Comprende?

Speaking of December, you know it is in full swing when there isn't a day that goes by that doesn't involve preparing a "dish to share" for various Christmas parties and get togethers. I thought it would be fun to ask for some of your favorite "dish to share" recipes. Let's talk categories like easy, fast, or cheap. Or better yet, easy, fast, AND cheap! Last night, my friend Shelley saved the day by giving me a recipe that literally took 15 minutes...which was good because I only had about ZERO minutes to prepare it. I'm sure this is or has been done somewhere else in the blogosphere recently, but not with this particular mix of people, right?

Love to you all, it's been fun catching up!


Lynn said...

Hey girl! I think we've ALL gotten a bit sporadic with our posting lately. Glad for the updates though. I was wondering about your new job, and it sounds like a good fit.

Shelley said...

Great update my dear! I love your analogy to losing weight in december. So true! I'm glad the pizza dip was fast for you. I need to find some more like that! Michelle has one that's good, well, it's the one she brought to Dixie's the other day. I think all it is, is a jar of pepper jelly mixed with a block of cream cheese, and served with tortilla chips or crackers. I'm not positive on the amount of the jelly. But it's really good, and with only three things to buy, it would be cheap! :)

Short Stop said...

Ok, so today is my catch up on reading my fave blogs day, and you're first on my list - (being A in my reader - LOL!)

I'm SO glad that Richie is feeling better! Praise God.

The Big D should DEFINITELY be the Big M in December. How on earth could anyone lose weight with gravy covering everything and cookies all over the place.

Recipes - hmmm? I love corn pudding. One of my favorite things to take to get-togethers at the holidays. It's on my blog under Favorite meal.

Glad you're doing well! Love keeping up with you on Facebook!

Teresa said...

Love to know what that recipe was!! :) I just realized I have about 50 places to "bring a dish" as you say in just the next two weeks!! :) Yeah December!! :)

Tiffani said...

So excited for the update and so glad we're facebook friends so I can "talk" to you more often!

I agree...I wanna know the super easy 15 minute recipe too!

I'm excited about your job..I go back forth about wether it's time for me or not..but right now homeschooling is my calling..so we'll stay here a little while :) You know it's meant to be when all the details work out like yours has..that's a supernatural thing!

We are the same age! When is your birthday?? I am SO SO proud of your perseverance with your lifestyle change--aka the big D...

Becoming Me said...

Loved the update! My big D is failing big time...but I am maintaining...sorta..

Teresa said...

Hang in there, Alana! I totally understand the "Big M" thing, too! That's about all I've done since Thanksgiving...but give yourself credit for MAINTAINING! YAY!

Oh please share the Pizza Dip lovin'!

I'm glad you have found a rewarding job...and that it seems to fit into your schedule so nicely. Glad Richie is doing better, too!

His Girl said...

great to catch up with you, amiga! glad you didn't fall off the face of the earth! (if that were possible, I would fall for sure. my world is SPINNING right now)

i'll have to look for you on facebook ;)

Kristen said...

Love the update! I tend to think in status updates lately too :o)

I am glad the job is going well - sounds like a great fit.

What was your quickie recipe from your friend?? Share! I have to think of something quick and easy... hmmm

Oh and the Big D in December - hello how hard is it this month. Oh my word! I am hoping to maintain as well. I have my ideal and can live with weight and I am hovering on the can live with weight. Good luck!

Growin' with it! said...

oh boy does that job sound AWESOME. what a dream job for sure. a happy job i'm sure too.

the big M, oh i hear ya on that one. me too!

Susan said...

Facebook is my new bff, so I totally relate. My poor blog...I am committed to pimping it up a bit and keeping up with it a bit more in the New Year (shudder...it is almost 2009!!!!!!)

I'm going to begin the Big D in January with WW. So looking forward to it. I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love IT, IT hates me. :)

Love ya.

Heather C said...

The big D in December should be outlawed! :)

I was so happy to find a new post here! I've totally missed you. :)

Love you! Heather

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I so hear you, sister...pretty sure I am the slowest weight-loser in the world. Lately I've been counting it a huge victory that I haven't gained...so sad. But better than packing it on, right? :)

Those recipes your posted sound FABULOUS. Especially the pizza dip and fudge. Oh boy.

Denise said...

yeah, why even bother trying to lose weight in december. and i think i am going to host a cookie exchnage in july. seriously, how many cookies does one month need?

yes, f.b. profile updating is so much easier than paragraphing. i too think in profile updates. it takes work to form a whole paragraph.

still i have missed you!

Shelley said...

Update! I asked Michelle about the pepper jelly dip. It's 1/2 a jar of pepper jelly, she buys harry and davids, but thinks any kind would work, and mixes it with one block of cream cheese. She used light cream cheese at the Halloween party, and I couldn't tell a difference! Oh, and I have a new recipe I'm trying for GNO. I'll share it later if it's good!