Thursday, May 17, 2007

Our "Happy" Visit

There is nothing like getting up, getting two preschool boys ready, and heading 20 minutes to the Dentist's office (with camera in tow) for your 3yr old's first "Happy Visit", only to find out that you missed it by 30 minutes (I really believe they put the wrong time on my appt. card, but I can't prove it). Now, I know it sounds weird, but my kids were actually excited to visit the Dentist (I know...we should get out more). Richie actually skipped down the sidewalk and Will said as we were getting out of the car "I Esited (Excited)".

Of course the very gracious and flexible (I'm being sarcastic here) receptionist "couldn't possibly" fit us in (even though there was NOONE, I repeat NOONE in the waiting room!) Does it not just drive you crazy when you are the doctor's/dentist office and there is obviously noone else in the waiting room or in the exam rooms and you still have to wait or make another appt. if you are a little bit late? Do they think we are STUPID? Do they think we can't SEE that there is noone else there? Aaargh!

I started to walk away and make the best of a bad situation, but as we were walking out Will said "I want to go to Dentist, Mommy, PEEAASE??? I'm not kidding, actually he said it repeatedly as I was trying to walk him out the door. And then it hit- you know - that "Listen Here, Mister" mode I've been telling you about? Okay, it wasn't quite that bad, but I was upset and I went back for what turned out to be a futile attempt to get us in. I think if I had unleashed my full power "LISTEN HERE, MISTER", it might have worked, but I wasn't sure at that point if I would want to come back.

Anyway I am sure now that we will not be going back. In my opinion if they wanted to keep our business, they could have been a little flexible and fit us in. All in all, I think Will's first experience at the Dentist's office was a positive one, probably even "happy" if you consider weeping and gnashing of teeth happy.

It's okay, though, because as we were pulling out of the parking lot, Rich came up with a brilliant plan, he said, "I know, let's give the kids lots of chocolate and soda today just to spite them!". Sounds like a plan to me, and while we're at it, pass Mommy the Java Chip!


JP's MOM said...

I am going to guess that that was probably the same dentist we use...where you are expected to make your appointment 6 months in advance. Like I know what I am doing 6 months down the road! And when the date approaches and low and behold I have a confliction the soonest I can change it to is yep you guessed it 6 months down the road!

shelley said...

i think we go to that same dentist! seriously, we just had to resceduale, and the next available appt. is in 6 months! let us know if you find a new "good one".

millermoments said...

sweet kids, huh? I love how they're so innocent of things that we adults hate! Mine LOVE to take their vitamins, get excited about homework and going to school and just generally enjoy the world! I'm so sorry about your frustrating appointment. I had one similar to that this past week myself with an eye doctor...maybe I should blog about THAT!

Janelle said...

I feel your pain! We go next month and I don't think it will be very happy!