Friday, May 18, 2007

Post Midnight

Okay, how sad is it that I wrote "post" in the title bar of my blog and saved it so the time would say 11:49pm on May 18th even if I didn't finish it in that much time? I wanted my post to say May 18th because until now I haven't gone a day without posting. I just added midnight to the title because truth be told it is going to be well after midnight and May 19th before I finish this post and being the "rule follower" that I am I feel compelled to come clean about that.

Anywho, Richie is having his first birthday party sleepover tonight! How cute is that? I can just see them all in their sleeping bags, strewn about and exhausted from a fabulous party. Either that or they are still awake and our friends (the parents of the birthday boy) are contemplating Benadryl cocktails all around.

I'm having the hardest time coming up with a description of myself for this blog. You see at the top left hand side of the blog where it says "about me"? Well, you are supposed to write a general description of yourself and I have tried to do it numerous times and can't seem to come up with anything. Apparently I don't know myself very well.

I guess I should close this post before I have to change it to "Post 1am" because that's what I'm coming up on here. And I literally just found myself nodding off at the computer. I wish I had more to offer at this late hour, but I really don' I will be merciful to us all and say "Goodnight"!