Thursday, May 24, 2007

13 Thoughts About Richie's Preschool Graduation

1) It is hard not to cry when you see your oldest baby walk in the preschool door for the last time.

2) It is also hard not to cry when you realize your youngest baby will be walking in that same door very soon.

3) It is not wise to give the video camera to your wife who is only 5 feet tall.

4) If you do give the camera to your wife who is only 5 feet tall, advise her NOT to try to and climb on the pew to get a better shot.

5) The Discovery Channel should consider a documentary on the spectacle of parents trying to capture the perfect pic of their preschooler on Graduation Day.

6) Graduation buddy pictures are the cutest!

7) Diplomas have many uses!

8) It is wise to bring more than one pack of fruit snacks for your 3 year old during the ceremony.

9) If you do not bring enough fruit snacks for your 3 year old during the ceremony, your video footage may be kind of erratic in parts.

10) The words "We Are Here to Graduate" go very well to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

11) The best seat in the house is behind a cute baby!

12) When your child composes his own message to his teacher on the card, the result is priceless.

13) A wonderful teacher is a gift from God!


Dayngr said...

Wonderful post!

Janelle said...

This is a wonderful post! I am crying as I read your memories of such an important day for Richie. He looks so grown up.

Dawn said...

I am crying too. I am so proud of R and how far he has come. You made the right decision last year to hold off on Kindergarten.

What a handsome fella-I love how you coordinated the red sweater vest with the red graduation cap. Very clever!

shelley said...

AWESOME post! i might be slightly biased since 2 of my beautiful kids are in it! I loved the graduation, it was sad but exciting at the same time. They're kindergartner's!