Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Feet

Long before the movie, Rich and I used the term "happy feet". Happy feet is a condition I get when something makes me happy. Here are a few things that give me "happy feet".

1) Hearing Will say "I lub you"
2) Seeing Richie's expressions when he watches TV, he gets VERY invovled!
3) Crunching leaves in the fall, I'm a little obssessive compulsive about this
4) An ice cold Coke from McDonald's (it has to be small or medium, the big ones aren't as good...not enought fizz)
5) Real letters in the mail (hint, hint for anyone who would like to oblige)
6) A soothing Chai Tea Latte on a cold rainy morning
7) Hugs and "Miss Alana!!"s from my Kindermusik kids
8) A clean house (too bad it only lasts two seconds around here, but those two seconds are glorious!)
9) My Mama's mashed potatoes
10) My Dad's hugs
11) Seeing my husband in his professorial mode
12) Breadstick talks with my sisters
13) Late night pedicures with my nieces
14) The look of adoration on Richie's face when he sees his cousin Ben
15) Grandparents, aunts, and uncles and there love for and interest in your kids (wish you were all closer!)
16) Seeing the unadulterated joy on Richie's face when he plays soccer, he literally does not stop smiling the whole time.
17) The smell of rain
18) Will's insistent "I not tiwed (tired)" when he obviously is.
19) Singing in harmony
20) Getting "real" with a friend
21) Social Suppers
22) My husband in a baseball cap
23) The sweet faces of sleeping children
24) God's amazing provision
26) The peace of Christ
27) Grace
28) A Good episode of 24
29) Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream (disclaimer: if you try this you WILL become addicted...kind of like blogging)
30) Summer time...we're almost there!

Not necessarily in that order. Okay so that was more than a few...I could go on and on. What about you? What gives you happy feet?

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millermoments said...

Ah, number 19 actually brought tears to my eyes. I miss our harmony, my friend! Someday we'll have to get together and sing again. It's been soooooo long. Thanks for this sweet post. Very neat.