Saturday, May 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Saturday

I guess I should wait until Monday for this and then I could title this post "Miscellaneous Monday" and that would be a much cooler title than Miscellaneous Saturday with its alliteration and all. Oh well!

Right now my husband is unloading "The Shed" to put in our back yard. I wonder what B will say when she sees that.

There is pee in the toilet. Why? Because Richie forgot to flush the toilet again. I've got to come up with a creative correction for that one...ideas, anyone?

When I went in to get Will after his nap, he was balancing precariously on top of the railing of his crib.

Now he is standing precariously on top of the arm of the couch about to jump.

It was taken last year, but this picture shows the side of Will who likes to climb on the railing of his crib and jump off the arm of the couch. What a turkey!

We went garage saleing today and I found THE CUTEST summer dress for $5. What's even better??? It fits!

Psst, I know a secret, but I can't tell you until tomorrow. Hee Hee!

Don't bother calling me because I WON"T TELL YOU WHAT IT IS...until tomorrow!

No, it's not "The Secret", just a secret...

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