Thursday, May 31, 2007

13 Things I WON'T be taking this weekend...

This weekend I am taking a short trip to see my sister and help her with out with some things. I figured if I was actually going to be of any help that I should probably not bring any little guys with me. My husband has graciously agreed to this scenario (even though that means he will be the sole caretaker of the little guys for 4 whole days). He is a GOOD MAN. He also cleaned the house today when I took the kids to a playdate at the local pizza playplace...I didn't ask him to do this...he just did it because he thought it would make me happy...he was right soooooo right!

Okay, enough bragging on my husband, but you must give credit where credit is due.

So, I need to pack for my trip. I'm excited because packing for this trip will be so much simpler than packing for most trips because of the lack of little guys and all. So without further ado, here is my THURSDAY 13. Read 'em and weep ladies!

1) Diapers (although I may take some wipes because they are pretty handy)
2) Toys (except for any leftovers that may be hidden in my purse somewhere)
3) Board Books (I might take one with actual paper pages).
4) Toy Story DVD's (silence and grown up music will be the only sounds I hear on this trip)
5) Fruit Snacks (I'll probably snack on something more grown up like chocolate)
6) Sippy Cups
7) Ear plugs (just kidding, I've never really done that...but I am mentally noting it for our family trip in June)
8) Stroller
9) Pack and Play
10) $$ for Happy Meals
11) Carseats
12) an inordinate amount of stuffed animals
13) Sanity...oh wait I will be taking that ;-)

Even though I will appreciate the solitude on the drive, I will miss my younguns and my man. Richie actually asked me if I would forget him...NEVER! Please pray for safe travel and a safe and easy weekend for my fam.


Janelle said...

You can probably fit all YOUR stuff in 1 bag! That will be awesome. Safe travels, my friend.

kittyhox said...

It's so strange to go somewhere without my son. I keep thinking I've forgotten him!

But it WILL be incredible freeing to travel light, for once!

Safe travels and have a wonderful time!


PS Of course you can add me to your blog roll, and I'll do the same! :)

shelley said...

enjoy yourself and your sanity!