Thursday, May 17, 2007

13 Things I'd Like To Do SOMEDAY...

Here is my Thursday 13 for Janelle!

1) Lose the weight I gained while pregnant.

2) Lose the weight I've gained while taking care of young children. (Some days the only thing that really makes it all better is to down 1/2 a pint of Starbucks Java Chip ice cream).

3) Stop eating Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream.

4) Be a MOPS Mentor.

5) Return to The Garden Flat at Mount Pleasant in Kexboro, England. This was the name of the apartment we lived in while Rich was earning his Master of Fine Arts degree. And there literally was an english garden outside our door...beautiful! Come over for tea sometime and I'll show you the pictures.

6) Succesfully Potty Train Will.

7) Wade through the mountains of photos in my closet.

8) Learn to say "no".

9) Stop caring so much what people think of me.

10) Fulfill God's purpose for my life.

11) Have a blog as cool as Big Mama's

12) Find a new Dentist (I'll fill you in on that one later).

13) Sing Gershwin again...

I know, I know you were expecting things like "Climb Mount Everest" and "Swim the English Channel", but I only had 13 spots in my list! A girl has to have her priorities.


Janelle said...

Awesome! Let's do some of that together! Love you friend!

millermoments said...

here, here to #1 and #11! And just out of curiousity - what is your number 10? And you keep mentioning this Starbucks Ice Cream - I think I'm just going to have to go get some of that!