Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Rose by any other name...

Last night as we were preparing for the party I got the video camera out to check batteries, etc. We actually just got this video camera back into working order (it has been out of commission for about 2 1/2 years...yes, that's right...most of Will's life). Thankfully, my husband has access to a video camera at the college or Will would have little to no video record of his first 3 yrs of life.

Anyway, the tape in the recorder was full so in order to label the tape I had to go back and look at the footage to see when it happened. First, I looked at the end which was Christmas 2004, Will was about 7 months old and Richie would have been almost 3 1/2. Richie's voice sounded like Will's and this of course made me cry. I didn't have much time so I decided to review more of that footage at a later time and figure out what was on the first part of the tape. The first thing was a park play date I had with Jen, Dixie, and Janelle. I wish you guys could have seen it because it was when L was a baby, but none of the other babies had been born. Do you remember that one REALLY hot day at the little park over by the public preschool? The footage was hilarious because The boys were all sitting on the blanket and L was laying there as well and we were all like, "No! don't fall on the baby", "We don't pull the babies hair", "Touch her feet, not her hands!" I think you had to see it, but it was pretty funny.

I guess I should preface this next part with the information that when Will was first born we first named him Seth William. I remember thinking the first time Rich called him Seth, that it wasn't right, but I was too anesthetized to say anything. Once I was coherent I said "I don't think he's a Seth, I think he's a William". Moving on with the story...after the playdate at the park the footage went straight to the day Will was born. Okay, the day before your baby turns three (when you are already emotional) is not a good day to look at this type of footage. Needless to say I was sobbing as it played, that is until I heard a funny thing. It was when Richie was meeting his brother for the first time. I hear Rich say, "Richie this is your brother Seth, can you say 'Seth'?" Richie then says "Set". The video then cuts to my Mom holding the baby and saying "This is my new grandbaby, Seth". We are ROLLING with laughter at this point. Just when I thought I had recovered, the video cut to some of the first footage once we came home and Richie is holding Will on the couch. Rich asks him "Who's that you're holding?", Richie says, "Set, I mean Will". I thought I was going to pee my pants. I'm sure this is not coming across as funny in this post, but I kept imagining Will watching this footage someday and wondering who in the world this "Seth" baby is! I had almost forgotten about changing his name and didn't realize we had video footage of us calling him Seth. Too funny.

By the way, Janelle, you know that visit to the hospital you keep talking about? The one you accuse me of not remembering? There is no video proof, so I guess it is your word against mine ;-)

In closing, Will's birthday was absolutely fabulous today. We had a great time! I hope to post all about it with some pictures (hopefully) tomorrow!


Janelle said...

I had so much fun watching you "drink" through a straw when I came to visit cute Seth. I was there and I have the material to prove it! When you have #3, I am going to bring my own film crew. :)

shelley said...

i never met seth, i'm sure he was great, but he couldn't hold a candle to william!

Queen Dixie said...

I have to side with Janelle. Although I wasn't even there, you did confess that you fell asleep while drinking and the water poured out in your lap. As for Seth, I'm sure he was a great baby, but William the mourauder is his real identity.