Monday, June 4, 2007

Did you miss me?

Did you miss me in blog world? There there's okay...I'm here now.

Guess what??? I have my first blog friend! That is I don't know her in real life, just blog life. How exciting is that?

Well, if I am being technical or more accurately DELUSIONAL I could count Big Mama as my first blog world friend because I DID get an authentic email from her when I commented on her blog. However, as I have not received any further correspondence from her since then I'm pretty sure that was a courtesy email that she sends to anyone who comments on her blog for the first time.

Anyway, back to my original train of new friend is super sweet and loves Anne of Green Gables so there is not one doubt in my mind that we are kindred spirits. The name of her blog is KittyHox and she just posted a Meme that I thought looked pretty fun about "personal rules/policies". Now, most of you know that I am a strict rule follower so this list could be long...but since KittyHox named just ten I'll follow her lead...

10 Rules for Better Living

1) Never park in an illegitimate parking place (handicapped, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, expectant mothers). For SHAME!!!!

2) If there is a crunchy leaf or leaves in your path, crunch them for pete's sake. How can you resist?

3) If you have a blog, write something on it! (you know who you are)

4) If there is a couch, sit on it.

5) Check your email and blog one last time before you go to bed, even if you know there is noone else who is OBSESSED enough to be up that late (or early, rather) writing emails or blogs.

6) Order no larger than a medium sized fountain Coke, because it tastes better and has more fizz than the humongous ones.

7) If you've had something sweet, you must have something salty to counteract, continue the sweet/salty pattern until you make yourself sick!

8) Absolutely under no circumstances should you (an adult) drink any other beverage but Coca Cola with pizza or popcorn. Especially not MILK...gag me with a spoon!

9) When killing a bug or spider, you must smash it multiple times, squish it again when you grab it in the kleenex, and then flush it just to make sure there is no chance it will be able to exact revenge.

10) When making a drink at home, all ice must be rinsed before adding the beverage.

Feel free to post your own personal policies or rules either in comments or on your own blog.


shelley said...

i did miss you! in person and in blog world! and congrats on your new blog friend, i'll have to check out her blog. i totally agree with most of your rules, the ones i have issue with are:
- i try to check the blogs before bedtime, but sometimes the baby wakes up and needs to eat just when i'm about to blog, and then when he's done i can't keep my eyes open anymore!
- i actually like cold milk with cold pizza! i know, i'm weird.
- and "rinsing ice"? i have never done that!

i'll have to think about my own rules. i'm not as much of a rule follower, so it might be kinda hard for me!

kittyhox said...

Yay! I'm so happy you played along. And your rules are very cute and interesting. I feel the need to comment on a few.

1. I definitely agree. I also never park next to a van. For Lester Molester reasons. Or if one has parked next to me, on the driver side, I enter on the passenger side. Awkward, but much safer.

2. I will never pass another crunchy leaf without crunching it. What a great rule!

8. I totally agree. I have to have milk with dinner, pancakes, cake, and cookies. Everything else calls for a diet cherry soda. ESPECIALLY pizza and popcorn. And hamburgers.

9. I agree about the spiders, except that I can't kill them. Too scared to get that close. Sometimes I suck them up the vacuum. But if my husband kills one, he knows to double check and make sure he has proof that it has died and isn't playing dead. Although if the spiders are medium sized or smaller, I make him collect it and remove it, rather than squish it.

10. "When making a drink at home, all ice must be rinsed before adding the beverage." Whaaat? I've never heard of such a thing! Why? Does it taste better this way? I am SO curious!

Fun stuff!

Janelle said...

What in the world is ice rinsing? Don't get it. You will have to teach me the benefits of that. Hope to post my meme tomorrow. I am not a rule follower, but I will try!

millermoments said...

OK, since I'm like the 4th person to comment on the ice thing - it now officially deserves it's own post. WHAT THE HECK?!?!? :)

Celeste said...

Ice rinsing?!