Friday, June 15, 2007

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Yay! I finally have a picture in my profile. I had to beg, borrow, and steal to get my husband to do this for me. He teaches graphic design at the college where he works and he is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good at it. So, you might think that I would by now have the "be all end all" of blog designs...not so much. He simply will not give in to my pleading. I'm a little puzzled as to how he has resisted me. It may be that he has just been too busy (what with all of the battery making and shed building)...if you read this blog you already know about the shed building and the battery making...

It's really better not to ask.

Anyway, we had some fun with this picture today because I was like, um...can you make my teeth a look a little whiter? (wish he could do that in real life, because those whitening strips are just a form of torture if you ask me), and even out my skin tone? and how about adding a little gloss to my lips?

I'm not kidding, I really asked all of those things and he really did them...except we didn't go for the gloss because we thought it was a bit over the top. Needless to say it pays to have a design GURU at your disposal.

Of course there are times that he can get a little TOO creative. Ask Janelle - one time he made her into an ogre. I would post the picture, but I'm pretty sure she would never forgive me.

I will, however, post a few of the "alternative" looks that he came up with for me today. What do you think?

First, we have goth Alana (some of you will remember this look from a recent costume party)

Look, it's Smurfette...only with scary green eyes

Speaking of eye problems

Okay, I'll stop clowning around now...(I know this last comment is not really funny, but it's the best I can do)


Alana said...

Look, my picture is in my cool is that?

What was I thinking with this post????

JP's MOM said...

Will you be sporting the clown look at our next get together? Perhaps we should all do that and give B a good scare!

Janelle said...

I am so proud of you! Also, great picture. How fun to have your picture on the comment section. Must tell me how... I still maintain that blog design is a good use of money!

Celeste said...

I did my picture a long time ago and can't figure out how I did it or how to change it! How do you do it?

Celeste said...

Nevermind, I figured it out, YES! I love the third eye picture, you should make that your profile pic. :)

shelley said...

great pic alana! i love it!

millermoments said...

You. Are. Beautiful.