Thursday, June 7, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Okay, apparently a few people have taken issue with my ice rinsing (mentioned as a personal policy in my last post). I'm pretty sure I clarified that these were "personal" policies/rules so I'm not asking any of you to rinse your ice...(unless you want kind of want to now, don't you?) No, we're talking about things that you have to do whether they make sense or not. I KNOW you all have things like this.

For example I have one good friend (you know who you are) who brings home fast food only to turn around and put it on real plates. Isn't the point of fast food, NOT having to do dishes? It is in my world, but this is one of her "personal policies" so I don't ask questions (anymore...but I do occasionally bring it up because I can't seem to wrap my brain around it). And then there is my sweet Richie who won't eat the ends of the hot dog. Why? Because it's his personal policy! Are you getting my drift here?

CLEARLY the ice rinsing is illogical. I mean ice is made out of WATER! However, somewhere along the line it became essential for me to do this. Why, do you ask? I wish I could offer a more compelling explanation but this is all I've got...


In the house I grew up in if you filled a glass with ice and then added water these little white flakes would rinse off of the ice into the water and settle at the bottom of the glass. I guess it was from hard water? I don't know...but if you rinsed the ice first there were fewer white flakes. That's it folks, aren't you glad you tuned in for that one? I thought so.

(Pause so I can google "white flakes from ice")

Lo and behold I am not crazy. Read the fourth paragraph found here.

See, if I didn't have this blog I may have never solved the mystery of the "white flakes". Time well spent, I say.


Janelle said...

OOOOOHHHHHH! It is all so clear now. I love you friend, but this is one for the books. I thought I knew you... :)

Celeste said...

That's really interesting. One day I'm sure our kids will ask what those little flakes are, and we will sound so smart!

Carissa said...

washing out the ice cubes...that is just too funny. have never done that in my life but might try just as a tribute to you alana! : )

kittyhox said...

Aha! It all makes sense now. The reason I was SO curious is because I was worried I'd missed it in my etiquette book! :) I think if you ever have someone over and they notice you rinsing ice and give you a look, you should act all surprised - like you've never heard of anyone NOT rinsing ice. :)

It's my favorite one of your rules.

As far as the fast food on good dishes thing, I do that a lot of the time, too. Just so I don't get greasy wrapper food on the sofa. Oops, I just admitted that I sometimes eat fast food on sofa! Nice!