Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bless His Heart

My baby is sick. Really sick. He's been running a high fever for three days now.

The doctor says it is just a virus. Don't you hate that? I want a remedy. When I spend $30 for a doctor's appointment I want my little guy to FEEL BETTER as a result.

Oh well, I atleast I can soak up the calm and cuddly side of him that shows up when he's feeling this way.


Rochelle said...

I hope he feels better soon. It is a helpless feeling though. Enjoy the hugs!

Janelle said...

Sweet Richie. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. (Don't you love all these new blog friends?)

Celeste said...

I hope he gets to feeling well soon, there must be something going around! At least you can enjoy the cuddling that goes with illness.

shelley said...

hsng in there, and rest while you can. i think sometimes God brings things into our lives to slow us down a bit, so that we can rest, and pray, and get rejuvinated.