Friday, June 22, 2007

Just Like It Was Yesterday

I remember just like it was yesterday...

1) The first time you made me laugh. I still chuckle when I think of you "holding up one finger to your mouth to shush your growling tummy".

2) The first time I felt the chemistry between us. The Cliffs.

3) Our first kiss. You always tease me that I kissed you first, but mine was just a peck and it was on the cheek!

4) The first time we held hands on campus. This was a big deal because once you hold hands a small college campus, you are as good as married ;-)

5) Our first "official" date. It is a good thing that you were handsome, witty, and charming, or you may not have recovered from your movie choice of Schindler's List.

6) The first time you put a ring on my finger. You asked me to wear my green formal dress and told me we were going out on a special date. I knew what was coming so it was torture to wait while you put together the perfect proposal. You picked me up and started driving. We didn't get very far, though, because we conveniently "ran out of gas" in front of Seeger Chapel. We walked in and there on the stage was a beautiful table set for the spotlight. There was music playing and dinner from our favorite restaurant. You were so nervous, but sure at the same time and after dinner you knelt down and sweetly proposed marriage. With tears of joy and no hesitation, I accepted.

7) The first time I wore a beautiful white dress. The second time you put a ring on my finger. It was the day we were joined together as husband and wife. It was 11 years ago today. Happy anniversary, Rich! I could not ask for a more wonderful, patient, loving, and unselfish husband. You are forever my sweet. I love you more with every passing day. I look forward to many more "firsts" with you.




Janelle said...

That was beautiful! I hope your anniversary is special...carve some time out for you today in the midst of vacation! We love you guys and are so excited to have you in our lives. Have a fun day remembering how far you have come.

millermoments said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe it has been 11 years. WOW! That's a long time I've known y'all! Congratulations - have a wonderful day!

michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet way to celebrate!

shelley said...

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

Rochelle said...

Happy Anniversary!! This was a sweet post. :)

Janelle said...


It's just not the same without you! I really hope things are going OK. Can't wait to see you. Love ya!

Rich said...

#1 This happened in Music Theory class in college. We were in the same class together. The thing is that I wasn't really trying to be funny. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

#2 I was feeling a little chemistry at the cliffs too! I think it was that trip or one shortly after that we were looking at something in the back of your roomie's car when you accidentally punched me in the eye, HARD. I believe i said something like,"If we were in the third grade, I'd swear that you liked me."

#3 OK, It WAS just a peck. I [of course] took that as an invitation to make out with you. You were either being incredibly polite with your reciprocation, or you didn't mind so much, because I recall that you didn't express any dismay at my escalation of the kissing activities. Either way, you kissed me first.

NOTE: Alana is one HOT kisser.

#4 "Holding Hands" on a small campus is no insignificant thing. Everyone interested will know this factual event has occurred in less than 4.2 seconds after the event has been instigated. The details behind that fact will be 90% innaccurate and a collegiate exercise in creative storytelling.

#5 Hey, someone told me Schindler's List was a great movie! They also metioned something about Nazis and the Holocaust. [It was a great movie, but in retrospect maybe not the best first date movie with all the killing, bloodshed and genocide and whatnot] Note that the post said "official" first date. We had gone out for awhile by then, and in my defense it was a horrible week for movies. I believe I borrowed Angel Mumaw's Geo Storm for that date . It was teal[ish] if you care. The movie had beautiful lighting and cinematography. Shot in black and white, Speilberg used dashes of color quite movingly in the piece. It is his best film.

#6 A 1986 Black Suzuki Samurai is the perfect accompaniment for a tux and formal dress. [I wore the tux by the way] OK, the gas thing was kind of cheesy, but you played along beautifully. We had Hawaiian Chicken from Steak and Ale. My parents used to send me $35 a month to eat out at a nice restaurant with Alana. Hawaiian Chicken from Steak and Ale was one of our favorites. I recall that you cried prolifically but didn't immediately say, "yes." I got a little nervous and said something like, "This means , yes, right?" You said something like, "Of course… Yes!"

NOTE: You looked radiant that evening.

#7 11 years seems just like yesterday, but at the same time our relationship has the feeling and flavor of a deep frendship that has lasted a lifetime. God has made me a better, more mature and loving person through you. I am so thankful for my kind, loving, beautiful wife, who is a great mother and a great friend… Oh, yeah, and also a great kisser!

NOTE: See #3 above

I love You,


dgardenhour said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

For the record, I remember the "if we were in third grade" comment---it was in our dorm room during an open house. Rich was sitting on the floor next to Alana's bed, and Alana hit him with a pillow. I can still see the Rich Mullins framed picture on the windowsill and the "dusty rose" comforter on her bed....just like it was yesterday. I knew she was going to marry that boy!!!
Love you guys!

Alana said...

Roomie! You figured out the comments! You are right on the "third grade" comment. It was in our dusty rose dorm room ;-) I think I actually hit him with my lap desk...remember the lame game? What a hoot! Had SO MUCH fun with you today! Love ya!

Alana said...

This is Rich posting again.

I concur. The lap board was when I said this, but…

She STILL Hit me in the face in the car and I think the lap board was after the car but in quick succession. [like the same day] Being the second incident of violence on my person in a very short time, the third grade comment was a culmination of accumulated affectionate battery from my future wife.