Friday, August 17, 2007


Bring your own lunch.

Richie will be doing this next week when he starts kindergarten. I need some brown bag ideas, my friends.

But here's the catch, he is the WORLD'S PICKIEST EATER! I challenge anyone who thinks their kid might be pickier. We can duke it out in the comments section. Seriously, he doesn't like PIZZA, he won't eat the ENDS of the hot dog, he takes the "crust" off of his turkey slices, and tonight he didn't want to eat a quesadilla because it had WHITE cheese instead of ORANGE cheese. The list goes on and on. I guess you could say he is a little OCD with his food. I just don't know where he gets it. I mean ice rinsing is normal and all, but refusing to eat the ends of your hot dog?

The good news is, most of the things Richie does like are pretty healthy, just not too varied. So...I need your help! Please post a comment with your kid lunch ideas. They don't all have to be catered to my picky eater because I know there are other Moms who might glean from this discussion as well.

Bon App├ętit!


Janelle said...

Rolled up lunch meat.
PB crackers
Ravioli (thermos)
Macaroni (thermos)
Pizza (micro and wrap in tin foil...Sonja's boys love it)
Veggies and dip, cheese, yogurt
Turkey roll-up
Cheese, crackers and ham
Lil smokies (thermos)

sharongustafson said...

Okay, Hannah started school yesterday and she carrots sticks (with the idividual ranch dips) cheese stick, and a pb+j sandwich (no crust) and she took a juice box. Her snack was an oatmeal bar. She asked to have the same exact thing again this morning so it was a hit for her!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Before "wraps" became available, I used to give my daughter rolled up lunch meat & cheese. I also cut up cheese with the Pampered Chef creative cutters (but any small cookie cutters would do).

For snack, we're big apple & peanut butter fans. JIF has individual peanut butter containers now, or you can put some in your own container.

Grapes are another big hit.

Janelle pretty much covered all my "main dish" ideas. Except once in a while, we'll do chicken nuggets. I buy a bag of frozen nuggets, so I can take out a few at a time. I microwave them, then wrap them in paper towel & tin foil.

JP's MOM said...

Jelly Sandwiches

Pretzel log with turkey and cheese wrapped on it.



cheese sticks


chicken noodle soup in a thermos


lunchables have some fun ones too with chicken nuggets, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc....we do those for special ones.

Put a fun napkin in his box each day...JP loved that.

Remember to practice having him open all his food this week...the lunch teachers will help, but there is only 2 of them and 300 kids. Don;t forget to remind him what he throws away and what he doesn't. Ice Pack is a best friend for lunch! Target has cars and spiderman ones!

Raquel said...

we do alot of what has been mentioned but a friend of mine told me quesadillas are totally great for lunch, just wrap them well when you make them foil. we do a lot of fruit, snadwiches, i even do a hot dog and wrap it in foil

Rochelle said...

Oh... I like the pancake idea... my 7-year-old would like that a lot!! She is pretty picky, but I am gonna have to say that you win on this one. Mine does well with a beagel and pb with honey on top, or rolled up ham and strawberries.

Janelle said...

Can someone say YUM? WOW, I wish my mom would have read this list when I was a kid.

I got a PBJ that was soggy and squished by the big apple.

We are supermoms!

Stacey said...

My son was so picky that all I could send in Kindergarten was a ham sandwich, chips and water. He would pick off the crust and the skin (the outer part of the lunch meat). It was really bad.

This year he is such a different kid. He's trying new things and actually enjoying them! It's amazing. So there is hope for you and Richie :-)

Here are some ideas...
Chicken nuggets (in foil)
Cheese quesadilla (in foil)
Crackers, cheese and lunch meat

Another tip... sauces and dips helped us a lot! Like ketchup, BBQ, ranch. It's been really helpful!

Sparky said...

Whatever you pack, he only has 22 minutes and lunch starts at 10:38 (or some other odd, early time). So don't pack much and tell him to scarf!