Friday, August 10, 2007

Home Alone

No, I'm not talking about the movie, but there is a cute post from my friend Jen in reference to this movie here.

I am literally HOME ALONE! Imagine me saying that with a squeal of delight! Giddy is the only word that properly describes how I am feeling about this fact. I know not all of you will understand this, but this happens to me so rarely it deserves being documented on this blog. I can usually get out of the house for some alone time, but not having any family close, I don't really have the opportunity to be alone IN my house.

I had lunch with my good friend Sparky (Happy Birthday, Jenn!) to celebrate her birthday and when I arrived home and opened the garage door, I saw a glorious sight. An empty garage! My husband's car was gone and after using deductive reasoning I concluded that he would have the children with him and that my house, too, was empty...quiet...calm...aaahhhh!

I felt like a little girl in a candy store. What would be the best way to use this time?

1) Take a nap? Distinct possibility.

2) Eat things that I can't normally eat during the day because I don't want my children to have them? Kinda full from lunch.

3) Blog? Because I'm such a good Mom, that I never find time for THAT when the children are home.

4) Watch TV? Not in the mood for sorting through the 30 episodes of Oprah that are on my DVR and have not been watched yet.

5) Read a book? I do have a new book called Shopping for Time: How to Do It All and NOT be Overwhelmed. But it has a chapter called the 5am club, and that is one club I have NO DESIRE to be a part of!

6) Lounge? Definitely...whatever I do it must be done while lounging.

7) Clean? See #6.

8) Bake? Just kidding!

9) Laundry? COULD be done while lounging, but not very effectively.

10) Organize the 4201 digital photos on my computer? A little overwhelming.

11) Pay Bills? That would require having money.

12) Sit and stare? An underrated past time.

13) Spend time with God? I do that at church on Sundays. I'm kidding! That should have been #1, huh?

Obviously, I chose number 3 to do first, but I think that I will put the computer away now and try something else on the list before any more time has eluded me! But before I do, I'm curious, if you had 1+ hours alone in your home, how would you spend it?


JP's MOM said...

Provided the house was clean and laundry done, I would scrapbook while watching a movie!

You know i just realized I NEVER have alone time in the house...Aaron does, but all my alonne time is spent outside of the home.

I must know where Rich went and send Aaron there with the kids! :)

Suzi said...

Today if I could get everyone out of the house for one hour, (which is what I hope to do today when the hubby get's home from work)is clean and organize like a mad woman! Not my favorite thing to do but someones got to do it! I'm not even going to attempt it until they're all out! See my post today:I

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Well, you know what I did when CJ was at camp & hubby was working...I steam cleaned the carpets! But, that was on the 4th night alone (oops...I probably shouldn't mention that, huh?!) Seriously, I would read. While lounging and drinking some hot tea.

Hope you enjoyed your time!

Janelle said...

At home alone time is the best! I would be totally selfish, provided all major things are done. I would blog, read, lounge, nap, etc.

In a rare mood, I might organize. But that would be a total fluke.

shelley said...

well, I had a couple of hours of "almost alone" time. a couple of weeks ago the girls were at nana's one morning, and austin was napping. I was caught up on laundry and dishes, and scrapbooking, so I sat down at my computer. I thought I'd spend about an hour blogging, and then maybe take a nap. Instead, I ended up spending 2 1/2 hours blogging! Austin woke up and it was time to go get the girls, so much for the nap!

michelle said...

I would scrapbook, stamp, or call friends that I don't usually get a chance to talk to on the phone!

Rochelle said...

Oh... I so hope you did a lot of napping and eating all that you want!! After all, they are both vital aspects of being alive!! Of course scrapbooking is up there too!

Carissa said...

so happy you got that time alana! even though i get it all the time i LOVE time alone at my house! it is delightful! hope you enjoyed it!!! oh, and i usually read or watch mindless television.

life with the wisners said...

i hope you're sitting down.

i have NEVER been at my house alone since big h was born (almost 4 years ago). except for when he is at MDO.


The Small Scribbler said...

Home alone? A rare occurance indeed.

I would make a frappacino and read.

You know the other place I am rarely alone is in the car. It always surprises me on those rare times when I drive somewhere alone that I can just get out of the car and walk away without waiting for the herd to disentangle themselves from their seatbelts and each other. I remember then, This is what it used to feel like before I had kids. It's a weird feeling.


kittyhox said...

Here is what I would do if I had an hour home alone:

I would put on my favorite pjs. I would make my bed and would make sure the bedroom was tidy. I would open all the windows in my bedroom. I just love fresh air.

There would be a diet cherry coke on my nightstand.

Then I would prop up my pillows so they were just so. I would get out my latest non-fiction read (usually something by Beth Moore) and read.

Nothing exciting, but very relaxing!