Saturday, August 25, 2007


Wow, I feel like I'm behind on a few blogging things, so I'm going to play catch-up with this post.

1) Kindergarten Update

We made it through the first two days...only about 150 to go (actually I don't know how many, I'm just guessing!). I definitely had a harder time this week than Richie did. I have to say the emotional difficulty of sending my little boy off to school for the first time REALLY took me by surprise. I never pictured myself having a hard time "cutting the apron strings" so to speak, but I was wrong!

When he got in the car after his first day, he didn't seem himself. I think he was just tired and overwhelmed, but I took that as my cue to WORRY and FRET about his emotional well-being. I spent the whole second day in the "depths of despair" as Anne Shirley would say. Actually, that is a little overdramatic, but Anne was over-dramatic when she said that so it kind of fits. By the way, if you do not know who Anne Shirley is (I'm hyperventilating at the thought) that must be remedied immediately!

It turns out that I worried for nothing, because when I picked him up on the second day he seemed much more like himself and I instantly felt better. If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a worrier. In fact, my list of worries concerning this are so irrational, I would be embarrassed to name them. When will I learn to give them up to God?

2) I'm glad you liked my signature...

If you would like to create your own signature, Debra tells you "how to" over at and by faith...the blog.

3) Poll Results

My latest hard-hitting poll question was..."What do you call a carbonated beverage?"

6 (50%) of you say "Soda"
2 (16%) of you say "Pop"
3 (25%) of you say "Coke"
0 (0%) of you say "Soft Drink"
1 (8%) of you say other (as in you call a carbonated beverage something other than soda, pop, coke, or soft drink...not that you call the beverage "other". That would just be weird!)

As usual, I would love to know how you voted...especially if you are the one lone "other". I'm racking my brain to come up with "other" options. And "Pepsi" is NOT an option; so don't even go there!

4) Nice Twice!

I don't know what to say to Melissa and Suzi for giving me this sweet blogging award!

I guess "thank you" would be good for starters! Both of you have been a blessing to me and I can certainly see why this award was given to each of you.

I feel a little cheeky posting it on my blog, actually, but honored that you would think of me!

I'm also supposed to pass the award on to some other blogging friends! I hope my "real life" friends who also blog will forgive me for not passing this award on to you. It's not because you are not nice...obviously, I wouldn't be friends with you if you weren't nice ;-) I just don't think I can choose only a few from that group. So, I'm going to pass it on to some new "nice" friends I've met solely through blogging!

Rochelle at Dream Bigger

Kittyhox at Kittyhox

Janet at Life with the Wisners

You have all been encouraging, inspiring, humorous, sweet, and nice (of course). I enjoy reading each of your blogs and seeing life through your eyes.


Janelle said...

1. Actually about 176 days of school. But they will all be wonderful, I am sure. Glad he is doing great!

2. Love the signature! Love it, love it.

3. Still can't vote for some reason. Always says it cannot process my request. Is it just me?

4. You are super nice! Not just once, but twice. Way to go friend. Good choices on passing it on.

5. Love ya!

dawn said...

Both of my older boys went through a funk-type mood for the first few weeks of kindergarten. They were not themselves either. I think it is getting into a school routine and exhaustion from the day that causes it. It's nothing that a little sugar from mom can't cure.

Congrats on the award. You are one of the nicest people I know and this blog refects your life. You are REAL and that's what I love about you.

I call all soda type drinks COKE. It's all coke to me...sprike, dr pepper, mt's all coke. That was my vote and I am sticking to it.

Rochelle said...

YOU. ARE. TOO. SWEET! Thank you for the award. You just made me smile. :)

And I agree with Dawn. Your blog is truly "real" and I appreciate that in a day when it is so hard to fing.

Oh... I missed that vote. I call them soda. But all I EVER drink is DC. From Sonic if possible!

Have a great week.

Sparky said...

Umm - I do love tha tSonic ice. It can't be beat. I call all soda "Coke" as well. Dawn and I - it must be a Texas thang.

You deserve the "Nice" award my friend. You are nice and real and honest and the list could go on and on.

And, last but not least - I LOVE your signature. If I had a blog, a fancy sig would be a must.

Abby said...

hey there! hopped over from amanda's blog! i did my student teaching in first grade last year, and it was funny to see how worn out the kids were after the first few days--so much energy to get out on meeting new people! i didn't make it in time to take your carbonated beverage poll, but i actually would have added 1 to the "soft drink" column! that's what i've always known them as in small town, north carolina! hope you're having a great day! :)

Darlene R. said...

Hey Alana! Your profile picture reminds me of Lauren Graham, better known as Lorelai Gilmore!!
Anyway, I too was blessed with the nice award from Suzi, but I am not sure what to do to pass it along. Do I need to notify the ladies that I choose? I am so new to this that I haven't really met too many bloggy siestas yet. I am hoping to change that as time goes on! :) I would appreciate any help you could give me. BTW, I really enjoy visiting your blog,do you mind if I add your link to mine?
Blessings to you,

life with the wisners said...



you are the best. isn't the blog world so weird? and wonderful? i mean, here we are...little friends through the internet. my husband would be ripping me to shreds right now with all my dorkiness.

that totally made my day. i just back in town and read your blog. and immediately showed it to buz.

like a kindergartener with his first gold star.

thank you. that was so incredibly nice of you.

glad we're pals.

The Small Scribbler said...

Anne of Green Gables the book is the wins over the movie but the movie is fabulous watched in one sitting with a couple of girlfriends and cookies, milk, chocolate and icecream.


lori said...

I see your comments all over the small scribbler and popped over for a visit! I LOVE it here...perhaps it's the pink...The signature is SOOOO cool...I read a bit and it IS hard...watching them grow and take those steps out the door...I will be back...
I have enjoyed the visit...
(now I've got to go and see just HOW you sign your name :)

Lynn said...

Sweet post and that is the honest truth from one worrier to another! Your back to school pictures made me a little melancholoy! WOW that was a big word but I refuse to say sad! I loved the big boy going to school. Life can be so sweet, can't it? Oh, and I love your signature!

shelley said...

Look at you with your cool award and BIG following! I'm so proud! I don't know why, it's not like I had anything to do with it, but I'm proud! And the signature...Incredible!!! I'll be workin' on that soon!

Darlene R. said...

Hey, It's me again! I just took a look at your pictures and just wanted to say that your family is absolutly adorable! cute, cute, cute!
And thanks for the info on the award and the signature. I already had one, but I wasn't sure how to get it on my post without having to go through this incredibly long process! :)

Rich said...

It's COKE! Coke I say!, doesn't matter if it is Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew…

This is how the drink conversation goes down.

Query: "What would you like to drink?"

Answer: "Coke Please"

Query: "What kind?"

Answer: "Regular"

Additional Scenario

You have Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Root Beer in a cooler for guests. The proper way to offer your guest a beverage would be to state the following:

"Would you like a coke?" [note the lower-case "c" denoting the generic "soft-drink" form of the word]

Upon a response in the affirmative, you the host would then proceed with the next statement:

"We have Coke, Mountain Dew or Root Beer."

I have lived enough places and known people from even more to know that carbonated beverage nomenclature tends to be a regional thing.

Earen said...

I stumbled upon your blog through a friends & I'm hooked simply by your passion for the Lord! I'm also so encouraged to hear of your experience of your child going to kindergarten. My oldest son went to pre-K for this first time this week & it was much, much hard than I thought it would be. Then we too was completely out of it & not himself. He said it wasn't as fun as he thought because "he had to work!"..welcome to school! Anyway, thanks for expressing your heart because it made me feel that I'm not alone. By the way, he's so excited already to go tomorrow! Oh, & all the "Anne of Green Gables" movies are my favorite..I gasp also at the thought of one who's never seen it! Anyway, I'll be back..great blog!