Saturday, August 4, 2007

About this rumor...

...that I may be addicted to blogging. It seems I can no longer deny I have a problem!

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

New York Singles from Mingle2

Just for the record, I have not been visiting any singles websites, I got this link from a new blogging acquaintance! Thanks, Suzi!

Try it for is A LOT of fun! But don't forget to post or comment on how addicted to blogging you are! Check out some of their other quizzes as well. Janelle, you might find this one interesting!

Over and out!


Janelle said...

Too funny! It said that I am rated G because I used the word

pain x1.

Hmmmmmm...maybe this quiz doesn't pick up on the reference to food chopping. CHOP CHOP.

shelley said...

I can't believe that janelle and I are more addicted than you! Did you really answer those questions COMPLETELY honestly???

Alana said...

Shelley - I think I did. Some of them were tough calls and there were a couple that could have gone either way. So, in reality I am sure we are not that far apart ;-) I may be addicted, but I'm not in denial.

The Small Scribbler said...

I came out at 47%. I am surprised because blogging occupies a lot of my mental space. A lot. But I guess with a big family I can't do better.

This was fun.