Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Someday Your Prince Will Come

I have to admit that when I saw this post by Michelle at Two Kids and A Blog. I had to mourn the loss of all things tea party.

This narrative was going through my head...

"I have two boys, we play soccer and tball, we make mud pies, we throw things...all kinds of things, we growl, we run, we wrestle, we groan. Having tea parties is not really an option for me."

Or so I thought.

Yesterday my three year old had the honor of being Prince Charming at a princess themed tea party for his friend A. He was the only boy, although I don't think he noticed. He had a grand old time eating dainty foods and drinking tea with the ladies. At one point I saw him playing on the floor and noticed that a tiny slipper was lying right in front of him. I never did see who left it there, so I guess we'll be sending the Grand Duke out to search the kingdom high and low for Prince William's true love.

If the shoe fits, day your prince will come. And he's a handsome one at that!

At the end of the party, Jen was passing out the party favors and William opened his bag and found a dainty little tea set. Or a manly espresso set, depending on how you look at it. I wasn't sure what he would think of it, but today he found it again and asked me to open it. I was secretly happy to do so. A tea set in my house! I can put it with my secret bow collection. Oh, did I just say that? If any of my friends are missing any cute girly bows...I don't know anything about that.


And so, of their own accord (really) my boys commenced to have a little tea party. They are SO going to hate me for this one day, but I couldn't resist taking a picture. This being their first tea party, they were being very manlike and having their tea on the couch! Knowing that would never do for a proper tea party picture, I rearranged it on the coffee table a little more appropriately for a photo session. There were no frills like purses, jewelry, or doilies because I thought that might be going a little overboard.

Aren't they cute? Maybe if they ever do have a baby sister they will be secure enough in their masculinity to join her for a tea party now and then.

Just for the record, the tea party only lasted about two minutes and directly after I took the picture Richie started begging to watch Star Wars while William slammed the tea set together and broke the saucer.

Boys will be boys.

And honestly? That's a good thing.


Celeste said...

That's a senior yearbook photo if I ever saw one! Luke plays tea party with Elle. She hands him a carefully poured cup of imaginary tea, he chugs it, and then throws it at the wall. We had to put the real tea set up and bring out the plastic one!

Alana said...

Another piece bites the dust...the tea pot.

The Scoreboard

Will - 1 point
Richie 1 point

Janelle said...

So funny! Loved when you called him baby girl at lunch. You need a girl! Go for it.

JP's MOM said...

You called him baby girl? How did I miss that? He will be the best man having dealt with all these princesses growing up! It will just make him a great Daddy.

Anonymous said...

How funny my husband would prob. die if I took that picture:) Too cute! I know how you feel, I need a girl too!
Oh, and how sad that they broke the set:(

dawn said...

I love having all boys. Now that there are no girls here but me, I get to be the princess all the time and all the tea parties are for me and me alone.

I guess that's true until those dasterdly daughters in law come around...

shelley said...

Alana, that pic is priceless! I was seriously laughing at the "william slammed the tea set together and broke the saucer" part! And at celeste's comment about luke chugging it and throwing the cup at the wall! Too funny! I have a feeling that Austin will break a few pieces around here in the next few years!

Rochelle said...

Awwwww.... this was a sweet post! I only have a little girl and I can't barely get her to have tea with me!! If we do, she won't drink the tea or eat anything petite... she wants to have pizza and soda instead!

The Small Scribbler said...

a manly expresso set I laughed out loud at this.

I have three girls and yes, they sometimes play tea party. Well, the younger two do anyway. But they all make mudpies and play spies and swords.

And my youngest son always wants me to paint his toenails when I do the girls. I just can't bring myself to do it. Especially during sandal season.


michelle said...

You are welcome for tea anytime Alana! Maybe we can make a trade: a tea party for a jedi smack down! :)