Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Meme One and Meme Two

Did you catch that little nod to Dr. Suess? And The Cat in the Hat?

Aren't I clever?

And modest, too.

I was tagged for "meme one" an embarrassingly long time ago by His Girl. So, I'll tackle it first. It is 6 Random Things About Me. I've done 8 Random things before here and here, and wrote 100 random things here. I guess if you add those all together that is 122 random things altogether. Probably 122 more things than you want to know, huh? Oh well.

1) I am currently addicted to Scrabulous. It is one "itis" I don't have. Scrabulous is an online Scrabble game. You can play via Facebook or email. I'm currently playing with Janelle, Carissa, Dawn, and Sparky. Anyone want to be my next victim? (evil, maniacal laugh)

2) Even though I get notified of comments on my blog via email, I still MUST go to my blog to read them. I'm very OCD with this.

3) If I wake up in the morning and realize that I did not remember to bring my blankie to bed, I feel the loss immediately. Those are sad, sad mornings.

4) I am an aesthetic eater. I eat first the food that looks most appealing to me. The plumpest strawberry, the french fry with no brown on it, the cookie with the most appealing shape. I will usually eat the others eventually, just not first.

5) I eat hamburgers with pickle and ketchup. No mustard. I ask for them with only pickle because I don't like how sloppily they apply the ketchup. I then apply the ketchup myself. Can you tell I have some food issues? It doesn't stop with ice rinsing, you know.

6) While most people get grumpy if they don't get their cup of joe in the mornings, I get grumpy if I don't get an ice cold bottle of water. If there are no cold bottles of water in the refrigerator in the morning, it is a sad, sad day. Only slightly less sad than waking up without my blankie.

There you go, folks. A little peek into my freaky psyche. Hey, that rhymes.

Okay, now for "meme two". I was tagged for this meme by Bethanne. Being a reader, I thought this would be fun. Here are the rules...

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the 5th sentence.
4. Post the next 3 sentences.

My book is...

Breathe: Creating Space for God in a Hectic Life by Keri Wyatt Kent

I HIGHLY recommend it.

"Perhaps you've become aware that you never really look your children in the eye and listen to what they are saying. Perhaps your next step is to begin to change that, to show your love for them by paying attention in a new way. To humbly let go of your agenda for even a few minutes, to focus on others, especially your kids."

Is that powerful or what?

Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to try "meme one" or "meme two".


Xandra said...

First the rice game addiction, now Scrabulous??!! You're killing me here! My husband is never going to speak to me again if I don't stop linking to these things....


Carissa said...

i would comment on this post but 1) you just beat me in scrabulous and i'm still mad about it, and 2) i just saw that you have 34, let me repeat 34, comments on your last post. i think that is some kind of b-town record. you are two ways about it. but, i knew you when and i'm having lunch with you next week. so that is now my claim to fame!!!

JP's MOM said...

Careful Carissa, you know she is now blushing!

I'm not sure where you girls find the time for all these linkies.

Do I have to be awake past the hour of 10pm to participate????

Shelley said...

Scrabulous sounds like a BLAST...count me in! I love all your little quirks. It's what makes you, YOU.

And, WOW. What powerful words from that book. I'll have to try this one, I'm very curious as to what mine will be!

Alicia said...

Scrabulous sounds totally fun-I grew up on Scrabble, so I'll have to try that out (and tell my mom!) I couldn't pass up Meme #2. That's a great one!

Janelle said...

We need a big B-town Scrabulous tourney. I feel like I am getting smarter by the minute! Pam and I are on game #3. The tie-breaker.

It is too fun!

That quote was wonderful and very true. I need to do that more often. It is just hard to really listen when all you can think of is your next Scrabble word. :)

Teri said...

You food issues are funny! But endearing!

I love what your book meme spoke randomly today! Honestly, it is totally something I needed to hear right now! So thank you for doing this right at this time!

We had another 6 inches of snow and ANOTHER SNOW STORM ON THE WAY FOR THE WEEKEND! (Sorry for yelling at you, I just became slightly unstable as I was even THINKING about more snow! All out ITIS is kicking in here BIG TIME!)

Have a great day friend!

Jamie said...

God is using you and your Meme today. I was very convicted to pay better attention to my kids. Usually I answer without really hearing what they've said. I've gotten myself into some messes that way. Serves me right.

His Girl said...

a) I discovered your 100 things list AFTER the tagging, or else I probably wouldn't have tagged you... so I'm glad I didn't see your 100 things list yet, cause I love love love your little quirkies. AND I now know if you ever come to visit to make sure my fridge is stocked properly with cold water. These things are good to know.


b) well, now I have to get another book. thanks.

Pam said...

That quote from your book goes hand in hand with the last thing I read in my book. "Kids notice whether we're truly focusing on them and whether we're setting aside even legitmate distractions..." (For Parents Only) My daughter totally busted me the other day when I was playing... scrabulous! The next morning is when I read that line from my book.

Tiffany said...

You are too cute! I love Dr. Suess! I wanted to drop in and let you know that I have a happy for you at my blog!

Jennifer said...

LOL!!! I am very OCD with my comments too. I,too, have to go look at my new comments ON my blog after reading them on the notification email. Comments just make me sooo happy...I love to read them twice!

I liked the Dr. Seuss...MeMe One and MeMe Two...too. ha answer your question...
I am originally from BSG. I lived there my whole life until 1998. We live in Kpt, TN now. I love my hometown. Very historical and lots of cool things that go on there.

and...yes..I have heard of Milligan College. You will have to give me the girls name..and I will probably know her. BSG is quite a small town, everyone knows everyone.

I'm enjoying getting to know you! You will have to stop by my blog today and answer my "Completely Random Question of the Day". It's something I started doing on Thursdays. It's fun and people seem to enjoy it. It's a great way to get to know other bloggers.

I wrote a BOOK!! I tend to do that with my comments. But, if you are like me when you see a long comment like makes you smile. =-)

Have a great day!!

Darlene R. said...

Okay, I totally have to read my comments from my blog! I don't know why except I can then see all the sweet little faces next to the names!

kittyhox said...

I eat my ketchup with pickles and catsup only, also. No mustard. No lettuce or tomato. And for pity's sake, no ONIONS. And I have to put the catsup on myself because they always put on too much or put it on so sloppily it oozes out of the sides of the buns.

It's nice sharing food eccentricities with someone else. I feel so understood.


Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I eat the foods on my plate one at a time, saving the best for last. I am glad to know I am not alone with my food issues! :)

Fran said...

Meme one and Meme two.....I got it right off the bat! :)

I love your whacky little self and just smiled with each quirky little thing.... :)

And...I read that book too...its on my nightstand and don't know when it will ever get the move off.

Your just a hoot Alana! I'm up to do the book meme tomorrow....i'm feeling a nap right now....(evil little laugh inserted)!!!!!!

Good night at 1:15pm!

Bev Brandon said...

Well, you won't want to eat the 4-H cake my son just baked---it SUNK.

W A I T I N G for your next move on Scrabulicous ocious uscious ous whatever it is...better at scrabble than that!

I picked up the book SHATTERED DREAMS, which was sitting right next to me and p. 123 reads: I realized 3 things in our conversation:
1. The man's friend assumed prayer has more to do with getting someone to feel better than with pleading for movement along the path into God's presence.
2. He further assumed that if the Spirit were doing His work, the suffering man would indeed feel better. That's what most of us think.
3. He distanced himself rom the sorrowing man's soul. Without consciously intending to, he let the man know that he did not want to be with him in his pain, he wanted rather to be with him only as an agent of improvement.
I T ' S

michelle said...

Wow, Alana! You have a fan club! I always enjoy hearing more about you! Loved your random facts!

Thanks for the encouraging words from Meme #2! I'll have to read that book next!

Kara said...

Oh boy. Am I the only person in the world who read your title Meme One and Meme two and went "what is that?". I think I need to delve into the old classics with my child again. :-) Cute post though. I love reading people's personalities on their blogs. Now that I am back home in Nixa - it's fun catching up with you on your blog knowing you live so close. BTW - I have started that Breathe book as well. I think I got it from my MOPS group. Really good one. Have a great weekend. ( I know you will be going straight to your blog to read this comment!) :-) hee hee

Bev Brandon said...

Okay...I have lots of time to play Scrabble with a broken toe.
And read blogs....spending life in a recliner these days. In P A I N. Your move on Scrabulous...I got 72 points scored (probably a fluke) on my first word---pride goes before a fall but I won't be falling down cause I can't get up. Seriously, did you get my word? And I'm with Kara, the cat in the hat analogy went over my head!! It's been centuries, I mean decades, since Dr. Seuss...

Earen said...

I love these! That was fun to read!

Jennifer Partin said...

If you are an aesthetic eater---never come to Japan! You will become the fattest person in the world!

Its all about presentation in Japan. From desserts, to main dishes and even their drinks!

Rochelle said...

I soooo need to read Breathe. That sounds like a great book. And your nod to Dr. Seuss made me smile. :) I have been out of blogville for a while and I have missed your posts. They make me smile.

Suzi said...

You are so funny! You really sleep with a blankie:)
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog!

Jill said...

Hi there,
Found you when I was over visiting Teri at Face Down.
Enjoyed your thoughts. I have a few food issues as well, like not letting my foods touch each other for one (there are others).
The book meme was good too.
Thanks for the good word.

Leah in Iowa said...

Well Alana with a long A, I just participated in your Book Meme. Since you have food issues, I wouldn't recommend you stopping over to read what my three sentences were about. =(

Roxy said...

Alana :) I just participated in the Book Meme! I also added you as a blog I read. Found you through Rochelle :) You are funny!

God's Blessings!