Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meme Time!

Third time's a charm. I've been tagged for this meme by Heather, Kimmy, and Jennifer. I'm finally getting around to it. I've been trying to think of some things to write about. I've done this meme once before early on in my blogging career ;-) And I posted 100 random things when I hit my 100th post. I'm not sure there is anything else of interest to share. But I'll give it a whirl. If I was brave I could let Kimmy share 8 random things she remembers about me from our growing up years, but I'm not.

So, here goes...

1) When I was stressed out in college I would sometimes talk in my sleep. One time my roommate said I sat straight up in bed and said "ALL THE CHICKEN YOU CAN EAT!". Remember that Dee Dee?

2) As a child when I would get into trouble with my sisters I would open the window and scream (at the top of my lungs, I might add) "HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

3) I have a very short attention span when it comes to creative projects. You know those sewing patterns that say "1 hour". They actually take MORE than one hour. Don't those McCalls people know that liars go to Hell (Revelation 21:8)?

4) I think I've mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating because the folks at Wendy's don't seem to get it. Medium Cokes or smaller taste BETTER than large ones. I don't know if it is the syrup to bubble ratio or what, but that is my story and I'm stickin' to it!

5) I realize this could be a controversial subject, but I heart MAC's. I was disillusioned by them in high school, but they have CHANGED, you guys. I converted a couple of years ago and I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A PC...EVER!!!!!! Those MAC commercials are the God's honest truth. And I can say that knowing full well the scripture Revelation 21:8.

6) My house was completely straightened at one point should see it now. Funny thing is, that happens to me every day and I still straighten it. Why?

7) I was baptized twice. Not because the first one didn't take, but because the church wanted a picture for the photo directory. True story.

8) I'm very sensitive. I worry a lot if I feel that I have offended someone or if I think they might be upset with me for any reason. However, I have learned through some difficult situations in my life that there is often nothing you can do to convince someone that your heart is true. Sometimes the old CD-Rom (of past experiences) playing in his/her head tells them otherwise and nothing you say will change that. In those times, I find comfort in the fact that God knows my heart and ultimately He is the only one who counts.

Well, that was a bit of downer at the end, huh? Sorry about that.

And with that I will close. Oh, wait. I'm supposed to tag 8 people, but I think many of you have already done this before. If you have not done it before and you are needing some blog fodder...consider yourself tagged ;-)


Jennifer Partin said...

I loved it!

I love my Mac too. Have an iMac and a MacBook. Really heavily considered naming Baby Mason Baby "Mac".

Loved the Baptism story. That's a classic---Ive heard of people getting baptized twice but NEVER for a photo. :) Loved it!

Chicken? What was that about, huh?

JP's MOM said...

I have said it before, "It's all about the scrapbook."

But never about a baptism....too funny.

Pam said...

Alana I struggle with #8 too. Thanks for sharing it. You hit the nail on the head though, God knows our hearts and we can not be responsible for the way others react.

Janelle said...

Great list as always, friend.

I just love getting to know you better.

Number 6 is my personal nemesis.

Carissa said...

girl...great list! love how witty AND smart you are! i needed to read #8 this morning. thanks!

shelley said...

Like you and Janelle, #6 drives me crazy!!! I personally enjoyed #3, it made me laugh out loud!!! I have to agree, they are LIARS!

Bev Brandon said...

i can picture you hanging your head out a window yelling for funny...and the baptism photo---that's a new one...and you are so right about medium/small cokes---I mean, that's a thought i've always had but never said, so there...but #8--you are sensitive to think it's a downer but it's from a deep very real place in your heart that is beautiful---a place that wants to make room for people and not hurt your heart

Darlene R. said...

Okay, so I don't feel so funny about having a fried chicken dream now!
The last one is so me. Thanks for the little reminder that God knows us better than anyone else. Even more than we know ourselves!

Renee said...

This was great!! I really enjoy your sense of humor. And I think it's great that you even have the scripture verse to back up #3. Hilarious!!

I am also very sensitive. Always have been. If someone is upset with me, or I think I might have offended someone, it totally eats at me. Stomach ache, can't get my mind off of it eats at me. :P

This was fun!!

Earen said...

That was fun to read!! I love getting to know more about people. We too are a MAC family & my husband teaches computers at an elementary school & he enjoys having 30 MAC's in his classroom. I used to love just a PC, but have converted a bit.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

That was fun! I used to talk in my sleep when stressed. Once I sat up and began passing out papers. (I was a teacher pre children!)

Fran said...

I'm #8 with ya!! I love reading these....thanks for sharing.

Sue @ Praise and Coffee said...

Very fun!! I can relate to several of these. Including the pop one!

I think you are a lot of fun, wish you lived closer,

Kimmy said...

Um... I still have that directory!!!! And I never knew it was a re-baptism!

You don't know how much fun I would have with doing a list of 8 things from your childhood! We're going to consider that one day! (One day when my brain is actually handing out memories :p)

Smaller cokes ARE better than larger ones. And Wendy's... I love a big ice cube, but not when it interferes with my fizzy caffeine! :)

And yes... why do you continue to clean it? You can come over here any ol' day ;)

Number 8... I get it! I feel it! And I gotta let it go!

Have a great day, friend!


BethAnne said...

So how does it feel to be a baptism model?
Maybe you should see if Kentucky Fried Chicken needs a spokesperson. With a line like "all the chicken you can eat" - you may be just the girl.

I loved reading your random facts. I like getting to know more about the people whose blogs I read everyday - fun!

Sarah Markley said...

#8 rings true for me. Nuff said. =)

Short Stop said...

What a fun list! #6 is me, too. Why do I bother?

Thanks for sharing! :)

Rochelle said...

#7 cracked me up. I got tagged for this one too and got stuck on #5... can't think of anything interesting left to say!! LOL!! I still have it saved in my drafts so if I think of anything to add it might get posted! :)

Xandra said...

I am so with you on #6! LOL! Sometimes I think, "What's the point???"

Rich said...

#3… Pattern?, Pattern?, I don't need no stinkin' pattern!

I've known Alana since 1993 [over 11 years married to her] and I didn't know about the staged 2nd baptism.