Sunday, July 29, 2007

When You're Desperate for a Date Night...

Every once in awhile (usually after a crazy day with the kids...who may or may not be in detox) Rich and I start talking crazy about going out on a THAT night. When we first became parents we would actually try to call and find a babysitter, same day with two hours notice.


The delusion usually starts around 6 or 7pm, when dinner options are not promising and it is still a VERY long two hours or so before we can put the children in their beds with a clear conscience.

We like to pretend like we're young, free, and have no responsibilites, and then REALITY sets in. No amount of imagination can undo the fact that we have two children who need to be fedded and bedded. (yes, I know fedded is not a real word)

SO, we have learned to be fairly RESOURCEFUL in our date night desperation. Teresa, I hope you're taking notes because you are going to want to know this for future reference ;-)

Take tonight for instance. It was 7pm. There was no food to be had and no entertainment for said date night. The children were still awake and hungry. Hmmm. Mission Impossible? I THINK NOT!

7:05pm - Put children in Jammies

7:10pm - Pack "picnic" dinner for children of PB&J, grapes, and milk

7:11pm - While making PB&J, call for carry out pizza

7:12 pm - Convince children how fun it will be to have a picnic in the their jammies

7:13pm - Children are loving the PJ picnic idea and negotiate with enthusiasm how much MORE wonderful it would be to have a PJ clad the car...while watching a movie

7:14pm - Wish Granted - Pile children in the car with jammies, "dinner", and movie

7:30pm - Arrive at the movie store and select a movie. Preferably one that does not have any cartoon characters.

7:50pm - Drive to the pizza place and pay for pizza.

8:00pm - Drive home

8:15pm - Brush the teeth of already PJ'd children.

8:20pm - Read books and say goodnight (with a kiss, a hug, and a squeeze, of course)

8:30pm - Plop on the couch with a mostly hot slice of pizza, cold drink, grown up movie, and husband.

8:30pm - 10:30pm - Enjoy Date Night...Plan B.


shelley said...

Fabulous! It takes some serious creativity, sometimes, to have a "date night". We've had those moments of insanity also, the ones where we realize that you have to book a babysitter more than 1 hour in advance. I'm glad you had a good date, and I'm glad your home, now I just need to see you in person!

JP's MOM said...

Just wait a few can have date night EVERY night because Richie will go to bed at 7 and you might as well have Will follow...that's a whole extra hour of date!

btw...don't you have ppv? I didn't even know there were such a thing as video stores anymore!

The Small Scribbler said...

I LOVE this post. It is healthy to come to realize that Happily Ever After does not need to be made of over the top romance. Take out pizza and a movie is acceptable.

My Stuart and I have taken to calling the time we find alone washing the dishes or walking around the neighborhood Date Minutes Somehow we enjoy this time more when we view it as such.


Carissa said...

love that you were so creative! very fun...and you made it fun for the kids too. you are smart!

Teresa said...

I'm going to need lots of lessons!! Even after two weeks the forever-ness of having your own child is very overwhelming at times. It's great to hear how other mom's/ couples get their much needed time alone. Thanks for the great idea. I'll be using it soon. :)

life with the wisners said... touched me. you hit that spot that buz and i love to visit. *parental date night* try to explain it to someone childless? forget it.

oh, and we add snacks to our date night. usually something in the hot tamale/mike and ike family.

raised my glass to you!

Sparky said...

Girl - how did you convince your kids to eat PB&J with the smell of pizza wafting through said vehicle? That would not have flown at the Sparks house. So glad it worked for you!