Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things We Love About Richie

1) His cuddles and kisses.

2) His enthusiasm

3) His loyalty to friends

4) His ability to have FUN

5) His smart and inquisitive side

6) His smile when he plays soccer, Tball, and swims.

7) His sensitive side

8) His independence

9) His love for his brother

10) His love of singing

11) His sweet face

12) His love for Star Wars

13) His anxious hair twirling

Happy Birthday sweet Richie!

Did you know your Mommy and Daddy love you?

Did you know you're our special boy?


Janelle said...

He is a great kiddo. You are an awesome mommy. Hope you had a fun birthday. My men loved it!

dawn said...

What's not to love!

shelley said...

We love ALL those things about Richie too! He's a great boy with some pretty great parents!

Janelle said...

OK, so loyalty is 3, not 6. It was neat to see loyalty in action last night while he waited for the Z-man. I particularly enjoyed #1 since my kiddos don't do that often enough.

Hope this week he has fun getting spoiled rotten by Grandparents.

The Woman said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie!

Nice blog! Potty training cracks me up. We used stickers with The Kid. She loved them!

In our part of Kentucky we use "Youins" instead of y'all. :o)