Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Crystal!

My sweet niece is 13 today! Actually it was yesterday, I'm a little late posting this! So in honor of her special birthday...(remember when you turned 13?)here is my customary list of...

11 Things We Love About Crystal

1) She is super sweet!
2) She takes good care of her little cousins!
3) She makes us laugh!
4) She is smart!
5) She has the cutest giggle!
6) She plans a good pedicure party!
7) She coined the term "'cle (cool) Rich"!
8) She is easy going!
9) She is beautiful!
10) She'll still give you a good cuddle...even at 13!
11) She had a starring role in the KAMB girls group!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Aunt Laney and Cool Rich

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