Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where is that glass slipper?

It is midnight and I'm struggling with the same issue as Janelle tonight. I've got NOTHIN. I go back and forth between disappointing you guys (the masses) by not posting or disappointing you guys by writing a lame post.

I guess we're going for the latter tonight.

Richie seems to be having a good time with my parents. My Mom keeps saying he is behaving fine, but I'm not convinced. I'm pretty sure she could not pass a lie detector test on the subject.

We are having a good time with Will. It really is QUIET here. He and I had a great day together. We went swimming this morning...sorry Michelle, that you had to witness the whole diaper thing. I should have told you to look away! After swimming we had a quiet lunch at home, just the two of us. Rich had some guys over tonight to help celebrate our friend's 30th birthday. So after they were all set up with man food, I took Will on a date. He was quite the gentleman, really. He held my hand during the movie, told me he had a good time, gave me an innocent kiss goodnight. What a catch! Our night had all the elements of a great date...dinner out (pizza), a movie, and dessert (ice cream). I love that little guy.

I would post about the guys night, but I don't want to steal Rich's thunder. You know because we are trying to be considerate of each other's blogging material now, right Rich?

I will say that preparing my house and food for a guy's night is CONSIDERABLY less stressful than any other event I've ever hosted. Because I know the guys don't care if the plates are pretty, how the food is displayed, or if the toilets are clean (they were by the way). As long as there is food that will clog your arteries and some form of entertainment...they are good to go.

I better close since I'm totally breaking my rule by blogging after midnight. I wonder if my minivan is a pumpkin yet.

Wait...rollover minutes! You know like on the cell phone? I didn't use all of my minutes last night (went to bed at 11:30) so I'm rolling over the minutes to tonight. You don't have to be a rule breaker if you can justify your behavior. Phew, that was a close one!


Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

You're right...guys don't care. I remember the group of guys who lived in the apartment next to me in college. They lived on ramen noodles & cereal (in styrofoam bowls), and had several science experiments growing throughout the place. EEW!

Glad you got to have a date with such a gentleman! They're hard to come by these days.

kittyhox said...

My husband doesn't really have guy friends (I know, we both need to get out more and make some friends!), but I've found that this philosophy applies to my in-laws. They just aren't as finicky and I figure if my husband cares, he'll get fresh flowers, get out the china, and clean obsessively. He doesn't, so I don't. And they probably prefer it because they're super casual and prissy. It's kind of refreshing when they come to visit because I don't have to do my usual OCD "GUESTARECOMING!" drill. :)

Sorry you're having a bit of blogging block. I've been without my computer for a week and I thought of lots of things I wanted to blog about, in the interim. But when I sat down to create a post, I drew a blank. :)

michelle said...

What a sweet memory! I loved to hear about your date night fun!

michelle said...

WOW, you and Janelle have both written 99 posts!!! I better get busy! I can't wait to see how you celebrate the BIG 100!

Janelle said...

What a sweet moment with Will. I am glad you have had time to enjoy him and learn what makes him tick. We need to take that time with our kids...they feel so special.