Friday, July 6, 2007

Thoughts on A Kidless Day

Thanks to my unbelievably gracious, loving, kind, and selfless friend Janelle, Rich and I had 11 (yes ELEVEN) kidless hours yesterday that we used to belatedly celebrate our anniversary. Also, kudos to Jennifer and Skip (Janelle's husband) who were in on the action for a little while as well!

A literal "damp"er was put on our first few moments of kidlessness when Rich announced that our basement had flooded in the 4th of July torrential downpour. As we assessed the damage, I couldn't help but wonder if God had teased us with this kidless day only to spend it cleaning up a waterlogged basement. (And as long as I'm confessing I also had a fleeting thought that maybe B had something to do with the water. I can't help it...I can picture her dumping buckets of water through the sliding glass door while we were sleeping or something.) Anyway, in our infinite wisdom (and desperation for a day alone without the kids...doing something besides mopping water off of the basement's unfinished by way...we decided to spend the day in DENIAL and deal with the mess LATER.

We spent the day eating, shopping, and watching a movie. We ate lunch at a local Japanese Hibachi restaurant. It was so nice to enjoy the meal without anyone complaining that they don't like the food (Richie) or trembling in fear at the ball of fire on the grill (Will). My only afterthought, was that maybe it would have been nice to sit at a table ALONE instead of with six strangers. Food was GOOD, though. REALLY GOOD. You're all craving Japanese food now...I know.

After lunch, we went shopping for a bit with noone asking for snacks or melting down. Actually there was one meltdown (that was me...after trying on a bathing suit), but other than that it was a very pleasurable experience. Note to self: DON'T try on bathing suits when trying to have a GOOD day. Seriously!

Once the meltdown subsided, Rich wisely suggested a movie. Good move, know me well. We opted for this one and it was a HOOT. I was rolling in laughter at times. Laughter is good medicine. We went crazy and bought popcorn, drink, Milk Duds AND Twizzlers. Note to self: Excessive movie snack eating could be leading to the bathing suit issue.

After the movie we decided that we should eat a little bit more because we weren't puking yet. And went to Qdoba. I LOVE Qdoba. If you have never been to Qdoba and have one near you, please drop everything you are doing and go there NOW!

Skip and Janelle had taken the kids to their friend's house for the evening. When we arrived Will was snuggling with Pam in his jammies and Richie was getting in on some Fireworks action with Todd, Skip, Zeb, Spencer, and Tag. He was LOVING it! Naturally, once we arrived, the fireworks gene that is in all males kicked in and Rich joined in on the fun as well.

It was a wonderful, wonderful day. Janelle thank you SO much for that gift. I really can't thank you enough.


Janelle said...

Eleven hours for eleven years. How fitting! Really it was my pleasure. The day was PERFECT! I can't believe how fast it went. We had NO meltdowns, NO whining, NO fighting (well if you don't count me and Skip-HA!), NO teasing. Just a really, really good day.

Thank you for allowing me to keep them. I know that sounds weird to thank you for being kidless. But Thank you for trusting me enough with your babies.

You and Rich mean a lot to us!

Janelle said...

Wow, Japanese and Mexican on the same day! What a culinary feat!

dawn said...

I LOVE Qdoba. Did you know that another burrito restaurant opened this week...Chipolte? Yummo!

Glad you two got the day off. Sounds like so much fun. We celebrate 13 years in August...Now who's up for our kids for 13 hours?

shelley said...

I'm so glad ya'll got to enjoy your day! It sounds like it was a great day, and YES now i am craving japanese AND qdoba! Lane brought her leftover qdoba over here last week and ATE IT IN FRONT OF ME! The NERVE! and a note to dawn, I've heard Chipotle is very yummy!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I'm so glad you got to have some alone time with your hubby. Hope you get the basement issue resolved soon.

thanks for stopping by my blog.