Monday, January 17, 2011

Top 10 Things I Love About Christ Centered Yoga

I have always wanted to try yoga, so last year when I was presented with the opportunity to try a Christ centered yoga class, I jumped for the chance! It is now one of my favorite things EVER. It is by far my all time favorite exercise. Okay, it is my ONLY favorite exercise, let's face it, no other exercise even comes close to falling in that category. This class has been a true blessing physically, mentally, and spiritually. Also, I have made a sweet and dear new friend in my yoga teacher, Robyn. She is such an encouragement and inspiration to me in yoga as well as in my spiritual life. 
So without further ado, and not necessarily in any order, I present my list...

1) "Open To His Grace" Pose
This is my favorite pose that we do in class. I wish I had a picture, but basically you have your arms up and outstretched toward heaven (God), also your face is looking up as well. It feels wonderful physically, but spiritually it gets me every time. When I first started doing this class, I was just starting to really "get" God's grace for the first time in my life and every time we did that pose I wanted to fall on the floor in a heap of grateful tears. Are you open to His grace? Honestly, I think the majority of Christians don't truly understand God's grace. I didn't for 35 years even though I grew up in the church! I penned this Haiku poem during that time of realization.

understanding grace
years of wasted energy
rest in You at last

2) Peace
I have learned to experience God's true peace through this class. I have one of those brains that goes non-stop...thinking, planning, worrying, obsessing. But in class, for that one glorious hour and 15  minutes (as well as other times during my daily life), God quiets my brain and I am able to enjoy peace in His presence. Priceless.

3) Breath of De-Stress
I feel like I have caught my breath for the first time in my life. Learning to stop and breathe when I am stressed has proven to be invaluable. Try it, breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth, it does wonders!

4) Centering on Christ
One of the keys to a balancing pose in yoga is finding a focal point, in other words finding an object to set your eyes on so that you can keep your balance. What a parallel for life, my friends! I find balance in my life when my focus stays on Christ. If we stay focused on Him at all times, even in the difficult times, He will keep us from falling.

5)Yoga Pants
Need I say more?

6) Aura Cacia Lavender Spray

My teacher sprays this over us after every class. I now own a bottle of my own and use it every night and sometimes during the day! It smells wonderful and is at the top of my list of favorite things right now! Seriously, order some today and you will thank me. YUM.

7) Silk Lavender Eye Pillow
We use these at the beginning and end of each class for our relaxation time. Yes, there is relaxation time before AND after class! Hallelujah!! These are great for helping you ease into a nap or just to help you relax during the day if you only have a few minutes. I also have one of these and have given them along with the spray as a gift! Want one?

8) Strength
 I have been doing this for over six months now and even from the beginning I could tell that each week I would get stronger, more flexible, more steady, and more able. I can do things now that I would never thought possible before. Another spiritual parallel if you ask me, take it and run with it!

9) Truth
Before and after every class Robyn reads a scripture and prays over us. God speaks to me so clearly through these times. So often if feels as if that scripture must have been picked especially for me that day. God is cool like that.

10) Relaxation Time
I mentioned this earlier, but it bears repeating. This is the time before and after class that we lay on our backs, with the eye pillows on our eyes, and the lavender spray in the air to truly relax and let all of cares go. I have actually learned to truly relax and embrace God's peace during this time and I cherish every glorious minute of it.

Lastly, this comes from my heart. This is not a paid advertisement, I promise! However, if you are interested in finding out more about the class and you live in Btown, just contact me and I will get you Robyn's contact info. If you don't live in Btown and are interested in a class like this, google Yahweh Yoga. There are now Christ centered yoga teachers all over the country. Maybe there is one in your area, too!

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Janelle said...

My mom got me the spray. I love to spray it on freshly washed sheets. And I really love the pile you gave me for my birthday.

I am so glad you found an exercise you love!