Friday, January 7, 2011

Guess What? The World Doesn't End When You...

...don't send out a Christmas card.

...say "NO."

...are honest about how you feel.

...are honest about what you think.

...go out in public without make-up.

...don't send thank you notes for every little gift.

...don't have the perfect outfit for a certain event. an affordable gift instead of the "perfect gift".

...don't attend every "home based business" party you are invited to.

..let your kids do (fill in the blank) themselves.

...don't do everything perfectly.

...make a mistake.

I KNOW! I never would have believed it before either, but I have tested all these theories and it's TRUE, the world doesn't end! Hallelujah! 


Here's the thing, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure there are more theories like this out there that just haven't been tested. What do you think? Got any silly theories like this that are holding you hostage? Have you ever tried the theory to see if it is ACTUALLY true? I bet you even suspect it's not, but maybe you are still too afraid to try. Well, here's my challenge to you.

Just do it. 


Just don't do it.



Janelle said...

The world will not end if I have someone sit at my sticky table on my sticky chairs while their feet rest on my sticky floor.

Dare you to come on over and test that theory with me.

Growin' With It said...

get a traffic ticket! :o(

HAHAH, really tho I get this post. So true, so very true! GREAT seeing you back in bloggyland!!

R said...

the world doesn't end if you skip a day or two of blog posts. (this one is SO HARD for me!)

beth said...

the world doesn't end if you excuse yourself from being drawn into your child's drama... and let them deal with it on their own "this time."
:) sigh. it's been a long day at the Miller's. hehe

Denise said...

i have been "just not doing it" for about 6 months now...
world still spinning!

this extroverted-have-to-be-at-all-things-girl missed two dinner parties this last weekend alone, and LIVED!

turns out i don't need to be anybodies anything after all.


Shelley said...

When your very strict Baptist parents find out you ( a 33 year old mother) drinks a little wine! :)

Love this!

Kristen said...

amen sister!!

i am not quite to freedom yet but almost.. the guilt just needs to go.. the insecurities need to but that is what my 2011 is all about. living a good story. inviting people over and not worrying {breathe} if my house isn't perfect, etc..

thank you!