Thursday, January 20, 2011

The "S" Word

Thankfully my kids are still not very knowledgeable in the world of cuss words. However, Richie is 9 nine now and I keep expecting for him to come home with a "doozy" at any point. We have told him that he should never repeat a word if he doesn't know what it means and that if he ever hears one that he doesn't understand that he can always come to us and ask us what it means and we will tell him.

A couple years ago one of his teachers came up to me after church to tell me that he announced in class that he had trouble controlling his tongue to not say the "S" word. I was slightly concerned until he revealed that the "S" word in question was actually STUPID.

Fast forward to this week when he received some Scrabble silly bands as a party favor. He opened the package in the car and was very disappointed to find that none of the initials for his name were in the package. He decided to make the best of the situation and spell a different word. After a few minutes of thinking it over, he said, "Oh man, the only word I can make is a cuss word." Curious, I asked him what cuss word he could make. He replied, "It's the "S" word. I was pretty sure that the "S" word was probably no longer "stupid", but I wasn't sure, so I asked him to spell it for me.

This is the "cuss" word he spelled.



After I composed myself, I attempted to explain how that particular word is not really a cuss word, but probably not one he should be using, either.

Oh, the joys and challenges of motherhood!


Janelle said...

Did you watch Modern Family yet? Hilarious!!!

The joys of parenting a nine year old!

Brian, Beth, Garrett, Lucy and Brooks said...

That IS awesome! My 9 yr old nephew told Brian last year that he & his neighbor "girlfriend" go to each other's houses & "mess around". Brian said (scared as to what the answer might be), "You mess around?" Clay said, "Yeh, we call each other 'dummy' & stuff!" Bwahahaha...a total relief. Let's keep them innocent for as long as possible, right? :-)

Noteable Scraps said...

Love it! We've had some similar experiences. The other day my nine-year-old asked if Daddy and I "did stuff" before we got married. I said, "Like what?" and became concerned when she was too embarrassed to say it. Finally I dragged it out of her. "You know, did you KISS Daddy before you got married?"

Shelley said...

Heeheehee! J said "hey sexy mama" to me the other day. Ellie was HORRIFIED! :)

Sara Carmichael said...

That's too funny. Love it.

Abby came home a couple months ago saying "Oh, my God!" This is not something we say in our home, out of reverence for His name (no matter which form it takes), so we were very taken aback when this came out of her mouth. After a few discussions and practice with replacement exclamations, she stopped saying it. Whew!

Denise said...

"stupid"use to be considered a cuss word to our kids too.

now my son is in jr. high. boo.

i miss the days before when your current "s" words explanation could be postponed. oh why must they grow up ever!

jhoward_120509 said...

I just read this and could not stop laughing. Truitts only 4 months so itll be a while before I have to deal with this, but kids say the funniest things.

Alana said...

Hi J howard! I wanted to say "thanks" for your comment. I was going to stop by your blog to say "hello", but didn't find a link! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!