Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open To His Grace

Okay, this is the "open to His grace" pose that I mentioned in my last post! That is my (Christ centered) yoga teacher, Robyn in the front.  Isn't she pretty? I think you can tell from this picture that Christ shines brightly through her! Thanks for the visual aid, Robyn!

Also, if you want to look for a Christ centered yoga class near you and you don't live in Btown, click here to see if there are any in your area. OR you could order a video from Yahweh Yoga and try it on your own at home. I have Gentle Journey and love it!


Janelle said...

Wonderful! I would love to do this someday. I know how much it has meant to you. Love you!

Jamie said...

I think I will get a video. Thanks for posting. Michelle talks about this.