Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Blog Is Being A Bully Today

My blog is saying...

...that I must write something here

...that it needs to be witty or inspiring 

...that I have nothing worthwhile to say

...that it has been too long since my last "real" post

...that maybe there was a reason I stopped blogging in the first place

...that I have clearly not found my "voice"

...that I have written too many of these "ellipsis style" posts

I am saying...



Shelley said...

Hahahaha! I am literally LOLing, because I was thinking the SAME thing today about my blog. I sat for 30 minutes trying to think of something to write and NADA. I'm glad I'm in good company. :-)

Maybe the cold weather is freezing our brains....

Denise said...

my blog is saying the same thing. yes, Shut Up blog!