Thursday, July 3, 2008

Counting Sheep

I can't sleep.
Not sure why.
It's 12:20am.
Could be the two cokes I had for dinner.
As you can see, I'm doing great on the big D.
Actually, I'm not doing that bad.
Except for the two Cokes, of course.
And then there was a minor infraction of Cheetos consumption on Sunday.
Thanks again, Shelley for bringing those ;-)
I also can't stop thinking about Richie's upcoming birthday party.
He'll be seven.
The guest list gets me every time.
I put ENTIRELY too much thought into it.
I over analyze it.
What's my problem?
They are SEVEN.
This post is really boring me.
I'm sure it is boring you, too.
Yet you are still reading.
Aren't you?
And you'll probably keep reading.
Until I stop typing.
Because it is just one more short sentence.
And one more.
Well, technically that was a fragment.
Okay, I'll stop.
Because I must.
I'm getting sleepy.
This worked even better than counting sheep.
I'm much obliged.
Thank you.


Teri said...

Diet is going well here too...except for the ice cream last night...but we had ppl over for supper and they brought it...I couldn't be rude now could I?

Lynn said...

You are hilarious! I couldn't sleep last night either, so I called everyone in the US since it was only the middle of the day there.

Colored With Memories said...

I'm hoping you had 2 cokes WITH dinner not just FOR dinner! Otherwise I'm officially worried about you.

That's okay, I plan on having a big honking piece of birthday cake, or two, this weekend.

What is it about these ankle biters b'day parties that overtake us mommas?

Glad to oblige you.

Kenna Sue said...

I was up from 1 a.m. until 2:30 a.m., and I still am unsure why. Threat of bad weather, I suppose.

dawn said...

You should not worry about the guest list. Invite his close friends, the ones who are special to him. The kids he normally plays with. No one will get their feelings hurt. Birthdays are special and personal.

Hope you slept well.

Shelley said...

There was a threat of bad weather?

I'm clueless.

Sorry about the Cheetos...again.

I'd give a lot right now for a coke.

I can't stop thinking about Annie's birthday party.

It's not 'till August.

And they're FOUR.

michelle said...

I had trouble sleeping last night also. I drank one of those new snapple drinks without reading the label and it was full of caffine.

I know how you feel about bday parties and Dawn is right. I struggle with hurting others also. Have you ask Richie who he would like to invite? Then you can work from there.

JP's MOM said...

Have you tried the Cheetos Natural?

They are way better than the regular and they are "healthier".

Yum. Now I gotta go buy some!

Teresa said...

I'm so BEHIND on Ruthie's party. The most important one of her life... her first!! :) With Tony's surprise 40th and then Vacation... this was put off. Hopefully the mental plans I have will come through in the next two weeks. Yikes!

Shelley said...

Question. How do you eat healthy at Dixie Stampede?

Carissa said...

read the whole thing.
think you are funny.
hope you got a good nights sleep.

Earen said...

You are too funny!

Susan said...

Poor thing...stop with the cokes and maybe you'll get some sleep. Or not (it's the or not part I hate!). Hormones, maybe? are waaaaaaay too young for hormone issues (that's MY problem). Hmmm...think I'll just toss up a little arrow prayer that Alana catches some zzzzzz's tonight! Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. (How can that be comforting and lend itself to sleep...worrying about the dagum bed bugs!)

Kristen said...

LOL! Glad this worked to help you sleep! Sometimes when my mind is full, if I make a list it will help me to sleep too :o)

Janelle said...

Sending you snoozes, my friend.

Kara said...

I just LOVE those nights where I am completely awake and can't get a wink in. I hope your cute post did the trick and sent you off to dreamland!

Fran said...

You are a mess!!! The big "D" is a problem everywhere.

Happy 4th!