Monday, January 7, 2008

Randomness...and lots of it!

I should SO be in bed right now.

But, I felt the need to tell you all that these...

...are really good! Only problem is they are a little like Lay's Potato can't eat just one, which I think quite UNFORTUNATELY cancels out the whole weight watching thing.

I thought you might also want an update on the ankle. No? Just work with me here. It is feeling much better, I am walking fairly well, but when I'm on it for too long I pay for it now. I'm pretty sure it was that second trip to the freezer that did it.

I really want to post pictures from Christmas, but I don't have room on my computer for any more pictures. I currently have 4926 pictures on my computer that need to be sorted through. I'm scared to see how many will be left to print. I may never be able to print them because I'll have to take out a second mortgage to do so. Seriously, 4926 x 19 cents equals...OH do not even want to know the total that just came up on my calculator. Many, many pictures need to be deleted and camera privileges may need to be taken away from my husband who likes to take 245 pictures at ONE SOCCER GAME! And I thought I had a problem with the ice cream bars...but then again taking pictures probably burns calories whereas eating ice cream bars while blogging most likely does not.

But you see, if I took away my husband's camera rights we might never capture a moment like this...

Yes, that is a picture of this friend's husband (aka our biddy soccer coach) carrying my three year old son to where he needs to be on the field...because he apparently didn't see fit to go there himself. Please also note the look of glee and mischief on his face while being carried this way.

See, I told you this was going to be random.

Wait, don't go yet...there's more. I need to say "thank you" for the cool award that Xandra gave me. She created it herself and I just love the idea. It is called the Daily Dose. Isn't the graphic CUTE???

Here's how she describes the award...

"I'm calling it The Daily Dose award, and it goes to the blogs that I must read every day without fail. Seriously, I might as well mainline new's that addictive. I feel acute disappointment when I go to my favorite blogs and find old posts (no pressure here, girls!). So here's to all the blogs that you've discovered that you can't possibly live without. They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see that they have commented on your blog."

I generally shy away from giving awards because I am afraid to hurt someone's feelings or leave someone out (it's a tragic flaw...I know), plus I have such a hard time choosing. I'm addicted to all of the blogs on my blogroll...and then some. But, I thought it would be fun to share this with all of the B-town blogging girls.

Aren't they cute? (Actually not all the b-town blogging girls were present for this picture...and some of these ladies are not even bloggers, but they are definitely b-town blogging supporters!)

(...and now back to my sappy tribute)

Because where would I be without you? And even though I know you guys in real life and see (most of you) often, I must still read your posts so I know what is going on in your day to I just love you guys so much!

So without further ado...the B-town blogging girls (in alphabetical order so as not to show favoritism...sorry...I can't help it!).

JP's Mom

I know there are a few of you B-town friends who have blogs, but have not posted in a VERY LONG TIME, I did not include you. But, I still love you! And I love all of my out-of-town real life friends who blog...and all of my blog life friends. I love all of you and all of your blogs! So everyone knows I love them and that they can't be mad at me for including them or not including them in this list, right??

I must stop now. Do you think my ankle would hold up for one more trip to the freezer?


Xandra said...

LOL! As I was getting into bed last night at 11:45, I suddenly wondered why you were up so late, and briefly considered getting back up to ask (how sick is my addiction to the internet?!), then thought better of it!

I totally understand about the WW ice cream bars....I do the same thing with the Skinny Cow fudge bars. If they didn't want me to eat so many, they should have made them taste like diet food.

Love ya!

dawn said...

ALANA! Thanks so much for that sweet award. What a great honor to be in a class with all of you.

I love how this little world of blogging has brought us all together and so much closer. Even though I do not see you all daily, I feel as if I do.

I so appreciate y'alls love, support, encouragement and Godly friendship. We are truly a blessed group of women.

Much love right back atcha!

JP's MOM said...

Wow! my first award!

Oh, and I am not even dressed for the occasion. I hardly slept a wink last night.

thank you so much and my how handsome that coaches buff arms look! :)

Carissa said...

i'm so excited!!!! i just got my first blog award!!!!! i could go on and on about how grateful i am but i'll just say a big THANKS! girl, this post was funny! i giggled numerous times. LOVE your way with words and YOU!!!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I am losing weight, so I am going to check out those ice cream bars! I have to have little treats every now and then so I don't lose control.


Darlene R. said...

I'm so cracking up at you right now, Alana! You're so funny. I love how you don't want anyone to be mad at you...that's so much like me!

You do have LOTS of photos! Wow. I have gotten one book done so far and like 247 to go. Yeah, that's totally random, I 'm sure it's more.

I love you and your blog too!

BTW, all you B-town girls are soooo cute!

Darlene R. said...

OH, and I forgot to say, if you haven't already bought some of those cute candy hearts that are in that picture...don't!! They are so addictive when they are fresh. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. I think we've eaten a whole bag since last night.

Pam said...

Alana~ you are so funny! I love reading your blog. (although, I have not had time in the past month to read anyone's) I am enjoying this moment to get caught up. have a gift in writing. Thanks for the award, even though I haven't posted in forever. :)

BethAnne said...

So, after much thought, I have decided that you should have your husband bring your computer, tv, and recliner in the kitchen and place it beside the fridge. OR you could actually just get two or three of those weight watchers ice cream bars at a time. At least that's how we work out problems like this in Tennessee.

Hope the ankle gets better soon, but until then MILK IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH, GIRL!

Janelle said...

I am so unworthy of the Daily Dose. Mine would be more aptly named the Monthly Meme. I will try my hardest to live up the the expectation that my great 12 readers expect on a more consistent basis.

Seriously, where would WE be without you and Steak and Shake? You started it all, girl! I love it when you have a new entry. It's like mind candy!

Thanks to you!

shelley said...

OH, I second bethanne...MILK IT!

I love those ice cream bars...too I don't buy them anymore!

Thanks for the award! How cool! Now I have to figure out how to put that little box of candy in my sidebar!

I didn't get my calculator out...but I know that the first time I printed my favorite digital pics, and I don't think I had quite THAT many, I shelled out almost $200! Ouch! My advice...pick your faves to put in really picky...and let the rest stay in digital world!

Teresa said...

Oh Alana!

This is also my first award!

*wipes tears of gratitude away*

You are too funny and I just love it when you post! They are oh so entertaining and I can just "see" you saying everything you write! I love getting to know you through your "rantings"!

Keep it up!

Oh and don't even try the WW Cookie-Coated Cookies-n-cream about addicting...

Love ya!

Earen said...

Oh, I do have to say that those Weight Watchers bars are very addictive. I also like the ones that are covered with Oreos. Love the picture your husband took too!

Suzi said...

I'm sad I thought I was your favorite;D
You a better woman than me I just go ahead and eat a huge bowl of icecream with everything on top!

Yeah you have a ton of pictures!!!

Hope your ankle is better soon!!!

Bev Brandon said...

Well that's a cute bunch of bloggers and would-be bloggers. Need an injury update...who is still on
Blogger Injury List
Jenny Hope

oh dear me....
and they are all YOUNG...

my brookie left!

Renee said...

I love your random blogs...they always put a smile on my face. Your thought processes are fun to ride along with.

I hope your ankle feels better soon, and thanks for spreading so much love. I feel much better after getting my dail dose of Al(ay)na! :)

Janelle said...

How do I put that image on my blog? Is there a code or something that I need?

Thanks again!

Jennifer Partin said...

BTW, did you ever get in bed? :)

Heather C said...

I love those icecream bars!!

And I just finished an hour and a half workout, so I EARNED one! :)

God bless, Alana... if you hadn't already been given the award, I'd have passed it off to YOU!

Love ya!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

First - who are the B-town bloggers - where are you from? Why am I not a part of it? If I say you hurt my feelings, would you apologize even more at the end of this post?

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA (kidding!) Though I do want to know what the b-town bloggers are :)

Now, I LOVE that picture of your son. I think that is the funniest shot and I do love his face :)

enjoy your ice cream...I mean sleep!

The Small Scribbler said...

Your upside down boy is beautiful!