Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Cannot Tell A Lie...

...I was not so secretly GLAD when Richie's soccer game was cancelled this morning because of rain. I did give God the glory as I slipped back into bed.


I love watching Richie play soccer, it gives me so much pleasure, but this morning with the drizzle of rain outside my window, a cold trying to get its hold on me, and several very long Ta Da lists, going back to bed was a MOST comforting option.

I taught my first Kindermusik classes of the semester yesterday. I had so much fun and the kids were great! However, in the aftermath of my preparations, my house is a DISASTER AREA. I'm going to tackle that as soon as I'm done with this post. I priorities are so right on.

Does anyone else feel repressed by a messy house? I feel like if my house is clean and in order I can do anything. If it is a mess, I feel like I can't function. It must get done today because we are hosting a young married's small group from church in our home on Sunday night. I'm very excited about that, but I'm wondering when I stopped qualifying as a young married myself?

Hmmm...let's see what else do I have to tell? Oh yes. This week at Wednesday night church we did a personality profile assessment. I have done all kinds of these, but this one was the most thorough one I have ever taken. I learned that I am an "S" and that the name for my condition is "Peacemaker". Big SHOCKER, I'm sure for anyone reading this that knows me. It was scary how accurately the description described me. The test also told you which biblical personality matched with yours and had scriptures to go along with it. I found out that I have the same personality as Moses, John, Eliezer, and Jesus. That's right, I have the same personalitiy as Jesus! There was much prideful rejoicing at that thought until I realized Jesus was listed under EVERY personality description. I guess that makes sense with Him being GOD and all.

Okay, so SERIOUSLY, do you really not know what a barista is or were you just pulling my leg? According to the official definition from Wikipedia, "When using the term in English, "barista" refers to one who has acquired some level of expertise in the preparation of espresso-based coffee drinks." It's the Starbucks girl/guy! I have often wondered if anyone tips them. I mean there is always money in the jar, but I don't know if I've ever actually seen anyone put money in it. So, here are the results from my scientific poll...

1 (6%) of you ABSOLUTELY leaves a tip in the barista's tip jar (I'm guessing that this person either is or has in the past actually BEEN a barista?)

2 (12%) of you would not even think of doing so

4 (24%) of you leave a little something when you are feeling charitable


9 (56%) did not (until now) know what a barista was...

As always, please feel free to leave a comment and explain yourself.

Lastly, because I am sure your eyes are starting to glaze over from all the exciting information I'm offering you with this post, I'd like to tell you about a movie we rented last night.

Have you heard of this movie?

It was made by Fox Faith (this company has also released The Passion of the Christ, One Night With the King, End of the Spear, and more). I have to say that it was refreshing to watch a faith based, moral, family friendly movie that didn't cause me to cringe from all the terrible acting, hokey story lines, etc. I really enjoyed this movie. The story was beautiful and the quality of the movie was good for the most part. The lead characters did a very good job, Abigail Breslin (from Little Miss Sunshine) stole the show, and although there were a few supporting characters that left a little to be desired in the acting department, all in all it was a very enjoyable two hours. I recommend it and think it would make a great family night pick for parents with older children.


Earen said...

Yes, I too feel like I can do anything when my house is clean. Even though I try to keep a healthy balance, I have to honestly say that it drives me nuts when my house is a mess. I have heard GREAT things about that movie too! It's on my Netflixs list to rent! Glad your first class went well too & that you got to sleep in!

Xandra said...

I totally relate to the phenomenon of the state of chaos in my house being directly proportional to the state of chaos in my mind. I absolutely cannot function when my house is messy!

I was not always like this. If you had walked into my bedroom when I was 16, you would have waded through 6-9 inches of clothing, books and paper. I always felt so good when my room was clean, but it didn't cause undo alarm if it wasn't.

Then I went to college and moved into a 14'X14' dorm room that I shared with another human being. Suddenly not making the bed made the entire room seem messy. I found myself unable to concentrate on studying if everything on my desk was not exactly lined up and neat. This extended to my bed and small patch of floor.

Thus began my life of intermittent OCD.....


kittyhox said...

Oh yes, if the house is tidy? I feel like the world's best homemaker. Life is great. I love my life. I love our house. I love our neighborhood and views of the Puget Sound. I am motivated to get on my treadmill or open my Bible when I have free time.

If the house is a mess? I suddenly feel like the world's most pathetic excuse for a mother and wife. I don't deserve my husband. My life is boring. I need a snack. I wonder what's on tv.

It's an AMAZING difference. It took me several years to realize what a big effect my surrounding have on my general mood.

Also, the effect is similar to what time of day I roll out of bed. Before seven? The house will be cleaned. After eight? Not so much.

shelley said...

Oh, I am totally with you ont the house thing, I'm just like kittyhox above! I leave a tip for the barista when I'm feeling chaitable (aka: when I pay with cash and get change back!) We loved our kindermusik class yesterday, it felt good to be back! And by the way, I love your personality!

JP's MOM said...

I on the other hand was NOT happy about game being cancelled, seeing as how the kids were dressed, the snacks packed, the car loaded, and everyone was buckled when I thought...hmmm maybe I better call the hotline.

If only I had checked my EMAIL when I woke instead of the BLOGS!!!

Oh well.

Carissa said...

alana...SO with you on the house thing. and i don't know about you but i feel like mine is constantly dirty. i need to clean the whole thing at once sometime. the room at a time thing just is not working for me. (as if i really do it that often!!!) anyway, i'm with ya!

Short Stop said...

I am paralyzed when my house is messy...not just kind of untidy...but when it gets really messy. It makes me want to just crawl into bed and do nothing. I can totally relate!

I think I voted that I leave a little something when I'm feeling generous. Honestly, I'll often tip at little coffee shops, but not at Starbucks. I'll have to give it some thought as to why! :)

I'm Tara. said...

Alana, your post made me laugh today. I totally feel ya!!

Kittyhox -- you snuck into my brain and stole my thoughts about my house! I will say that although it is a pain, having our house on the market has caused me to bump housework up on the priority list and it's nice to ALWAYS have it tidy and mostly clean.

As for the Barista...I tip if I use cash, which sadly for them, is not often. I toss them my change. Since being about as friendly as humany possible over an intercom seems to be a requirement for working the Starbucks drivethru, I try to reward their cheerfulness when possible. :)

life with the wisners said...

hmmm...original thought. original thought.

can't come up with one. after reading all of your buddies' witty words.

house messy? heart messy. house typically messy? yes. sad, but true. perhaps i need a little "purging of the stuff" night sometime soon. throwing things away or giving them away or selling them. ahhh...that makes me feel better. wish i could say i was a freak about no clutter. but such luck.

hence, the reason i can't stick to a point.

and i just keep going. and going.

barista. totally knew what it was. course, i'm at starbucks more than i (or my pocketbook) care to admit.

will put the movie on the saturday night list. because clearly, we need something on the list. seeing as how i'm commenting on your blog at midnight on a saturday night. sad.

and writing an entire post in your comments section.

Darlene R. said...

Isn't it funny how much a clean house can make you feel like you can do anything? I totally do that too.
I thought your post was good, and no, I didn't know what a barista was. Thank you for enlightening me!

If I had an award to give you, it would say "Best Blog Comment Leaver" (is that even a word?) Anyway, thank you for making sure that SOMEBODY comments on my blog. I only have one friend around here that blogs and well, she blogs like you're friend Dixie!
Are you going to be able to go to San Antonio next year?

The Small Scribbler said...

I absolutely cannot think when my house is a mess. It scrambles my brain.

I had not heard of the ultimate gift. I am going to Netflix right now to put it on my queue. Thanks for the suggestion.


BethAnne said...

If my house isnt clean, I get completely depressed over it. The bad part is that we are in the process of building a much bigger house than where we live now - MORE TO CLEAN!!! Too bad I am the only housekeeper we have, huh?

No, I didnt know what a barista was --thought it was a bartender.....I do love starbucks though and now I know what to call the girl that makes my icy mocha frap!

Sarah Markley said...

I know I am late to this post, but a couple things...yes, I feel repressed by a messy house. Totally. Two, I used to BE a barista. Three, we just watched that movie and really liked it. I agree - a little hokey! =)