Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Items Removed from my Purse

So. I cleaned out my purse today and this is what I found...

2 Mike and Ike candy pieces, green, slightly smushed

1 M&M, yellow, in tact

1 Thank You Card, nicely written

1 bag of 100 calorie Wheat Thins, half eaten

1 bag of 100 calorie Ritz Snack Mix, completely eaten, with gum inside

Church Bulletin, with no gum inside...surprising

1 baggie of chocolate chip cookies left over from Kindermusik party, smashed to smithereens

1 Snow cone spoon, sans snow cone

3 grocery lists, of shopping past

1 CD of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, gift from Richie's music teacher

Various and sundry other items of trash, including, but not limited to...gum wrappers, used handi wipes, most likely used kleenexes, etc.

Crumbs, plethora of

And now I leave you with my purse cleaning tip of the day: Dustbusters work quite nicely for removing crumbs from the bottom of one's purse.

Thank you.

And now if you feel so motivated to clean your own purse, please feel free to share your discarded items with me as well. After all, you just lost several minutes of your life reading this completely useless information, it's only fair you return the favor.


Gotta GROW with it said...

hilarious and oh my does it ever scare me to peek inside the depths of my purse. fun post!

Janelle said...

Great! I did just clean out my purse and move to a smaller one. The item that scared me a little was one, no TWO rectal thermometers.

Wha? It has been YEARS since I used a rectal thermometer. But then I remembered that Sonja passed them on to me and I never took them out!!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

All I can think is that you must have one seriously large purse!

Jamie said...

Nine reciepts.
Two shopping lists.
Cookie wrapper from free kids cookie at Wal-Mart.
One bouncy ball rescued from my child's mouth.

Short Stop said...

OMGosh, Alana. I changed purses not long ago, and took a picture of the strange and stranger things I found in it. I'll have to get to posting it. This was hilarious and I am SO glad I'm not the only one!

Carissa said...

very funny post alana! love that you used a DUSTBUSTER on your PURSE! that is classic! i sure like you!

His Girl said...

I just did the same thing... in the car on a long car trip while my husband was driving. He was horrified with what I came up with....

I should have kept an inventory- you would have died laughing!

Earen said...

You are just too funny!! I just cleaned out my purse this past weekend & mostly I found gum wrappers, several grocery lists, peanut butter crackers all squished in wrapper. Crumbs everywhere! One more area that we as women are all in the same boat!! :-)

Lynn said...

Wow! That purse must feel 10 lbs lighter!

So, did you eat the in tact M&M?

Darlene R. said...

I think I'm going to do this for my Thursday Thirteen! What a fun post.

Shelley said...

Oh Dang, Lynn beat me to my question! I was also going to ask if you ate the m&m. I would have thought about it!

Great post!

Xandra said...

Did you sneak into my house and steal my purse? Oh wait, no, there it is. Let's see....

9 random receipts
3 old grocery lists
1 paycheck stub
7 gum wrappers
2 half-full packages of Orbitz gum
1 take out menu to Double Daves Pizza Rolls
3 butterfly hairclips (Grace)
2 rubber bands (mine)
1 blister pack of Advil Cold and Sinus
3 rolls of Valentines Smarties
2 pens I bought from a deaf man yesterday to help support his family (I hope)
2 wads of paper with gum in them

In previous years, I could have been confident in finding a pacifier and perhaps a mitten somewhere in there too!


Fran said...

Y'all are hilarious!! I think I must go through mine pretty often....I don't have any good stuff like that. :)

I'm Tara. said...

I just did that the other day. I had about 200 receipts, 42 gum wrappers, 3 lollipop sticks without lollipops attached, 2 spoons (actual spoons??), 3 of G's bows and an earring I'd been on a month-long search for.

Oh, and I just turn my purse upside down over the sink and shake. Then I wipe it out with a lint brush. I don't own a dustbuster.

Kenna Sue said...

I clean my purse about twice a week. It's the one thing I can keep clean that no one else can mess up. When I do clean it, I've always got receipts, gum wrappers, shopping lists, and appointment cards for appointments past. I also have to change out the 2 or 3 tubes of lipstick I always carry. You never know when you'll need a different shade, am I right?

What I found odd in reading your post and some of the others' comments was that I NEVER have Kleenex in my purse. Ever. I thanked the Lord that I don't have sinus problems or allergies.

Even odder still - I don't think anyone can beat having 2 (count 'em, 2) rectal thermometers in their purse. I mean, can you IMAGINE, what would go through the minds of airport security when checking that bag? Heh!!!

Rochelle said...

Oh my - first off... you should have posted a picture of this! Quite impressive! I seem to clean out my purse weekly and it usually consists of many, many receipts and little toys that somehow magically appear in the bottom of my purse!

Alana said...

She forgot to mention the one ORANGE mike and ike [slightly squished]…

It was yummy.

Anonymous said...

that was supposed to be MY comment. Alana would NEVER eat anything remotely questionable. I have a weakness for orange candy.