Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I Have Not Updated My Blog Recently

1) I tend to be an all or nothing person. Either I do it all the time or not at all. It happens with all sorts of things including, but not limited to, laundry, cleaning, eating, exercising, blogging. It can be a problem, but hey...I am a work in progress.

2) I currently don't have a computer of my own (I am using Rich's). If anyone would like to set up an iBook fund for me, I promise I would blog more (that is unless reason #1 continues to be an issue). I'll be honest, it's a gamble.

3) I have been (literally) working by bottom off to the tune of 15 pounds so far! And yes I said "bottom". I have an aversion to the other b word for that body part, you know the one with two t's at the end (shudder). Didn't know that about me, huh? Well, it's true.

4) I am still not drinking soda! Okay that has nothing to do with why I have not been blogging, but I thought you should know. And in the interest of full disclosure, I do have a sip now and then, but for all intents and purposes---SODA FREE!

5) Rich was out of town for two weeks in June. Enough said.

6) There are some days that I just don't have much to say...awkward.

7) There are some days that I just have too much to say...overwhelming.

8) I am too lazy to download pictures and a blog without pictures is kind of sad.

9) I didn't think I could get by with writing every post as a Haiku, although I did consider it.

10) And last, but not least...(Okay, here is where I would insert a cute picture of my boys as another reason I haven't been blogging, but alas there is reason #8 to keep me from doing that). Soooo, I will just say they do keep me busy and promise to post some new pics of them soon!


Amber said...

:) Like the whole post. #1 is my main problem with everything as well. Get ALL the laundry done in one weekend and then don't do it again for weeks. Big problem. Congrats on the soda success. I have failed miserably in that dept after 60 days. Can't wait to maybe here more from ya. :)

Rochelle said...

I love reading your blogs, but I totally understand your reasons. Congrats on loosing those 15 lbs. That is awesome.

Carissa said...

15 pounds...i TOLD YOU you were skinny!!!!! now i have proof. : )

Linda Z said...

You are cracking me up with your cute reasons! :) It's so good to see you back in blogland again! :)

Kristen said...

yeah on your 15 pounds!! you know how proud i am of you. you have worked so hard. you are an inspiration to me my friend. love you!!

this list could partially be mine for the lack of blogging... summer is tough to find time to do anything other than "summering"

Pauline said...

You should never blog when you don't have anything to blog about! ♥

Janelle said...

I love you! Blogging our not, you are awesome. And that 15 pounds? Gone Forevah!!

Your butt looks good!

See what I did there?

Simply Sara said...

first- you are a rockstar to the tune of FIFTEEN POUNDS! yay baby!
(so proud!)

second- crazy impressed about the soda. you are all kinds of awesome.

third- i understand about the blogging. i think it comes in waves (at least for me it does). i'm currently in a "i have nothing to say" wave :)