Monday, April 18, 2011

The Big D Revisited

If you have read this blog for some time, you might remember a time when I journaled my progress on what I like to call The Big D (aka diet, weight loss journey, healthy lifestyle, cruel and unusual punishment...choose whatever semantical choice that works for you). During that time I lost about 15 pounds (my most successful attempt at weight loss ever). After some time, my motivation and resolve dissipated and that journey (successful, but unfinished) ended.

Fast forward to three weeks ago, when (by the grace of God), I picked it back up again (the journey). I hesitate to say this on my blog because this creates a whole new level of pressure for me, but I experienced a victory in this area today that is worth being told.

Let me catch you up a little bit. I have completed three weeks of this journey so far which has included eating only 1200-1300 calories a day and exercising 4-5 times during the week (not to mention giving up soda!).

The first week I lost 2 lbs. Right, not great for a first week, but I'll take it.

Last week, 1/2 lb. Discouraging, but I pressed on.

This week. 1/2 lb. (that is one half of a pound, not 1-2, just to clarify ; ).

My initial reaction(s) after my dreaded visit to the scale?

Heap of tears on bed.



Distinct impulse to make muffins and gorge myself on them.

Just to name a few.

Thankfully, Rich (my husband) came over and gave me a hug, and even though he didn't do it out loud, I know he started to pray for me because I felt God's sweet peace come over me. So, I dried my tears, got off the bed and finished getting the boys off to school. After they left, I decided to forgo the muffins, and opted for something more substantial (the bread of life). I am so grateful that I did because He gave me such a beautiful, victorious perspective to replace my defeated one.

You see, one of my goals in all of this (aside from losing weight) has been to stop running to food for my needs and instead run to God (Inspired by reading the book, Made To Crave by Lysa Terkeurst...get it, read it).

About halfway through my time with Him this morning, I realized I did just that (okay, I am bawling now), but you see, every other time I have experienced this point in a weight loss journey (defeat), I have thrown my hands up in the air and said, "Well, I might as well eat whatever I want, because, what is the point?!".

Well, friends....

Today, I see the point.

The point is that I need...

GOD (NOT food)


THAT is the point.



Renee said...

Oh. My. Word. (Literally!) I could have totally written this post myself today. Almost word for word.

I'm right where you are, and am even reading 'Made to Crave' right now. This weight loss journey is not going as well as I would like, weight wise. And just this morning I was thinking "Any time before, I would have given up and said 'what's the point'?" But it's not so much about food this time as it is about God.

I'm glad I'm not alone, I'm so happy we're on this journey together, and I'm so stinking proud of you and how far you've come (giving up soda! C25K! Not giving up! Running to God!)

Praying for strength, peace, wisdom and self-control for you as you keep going!

Noteable Scraps said...

That is really great, Alana. Thank you for sharing! I am currently at the I-lost-17-lbs-6-months-ago-but-put-most-of-it-back-on-so-I-may-as-well-eat-whatever-I-want stage of the "diet." I needed to hear this! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome....I needed this, too! Checked my scale yesterday for the first time in a few change whatsoever. Which was especially weird because I really thought my costumes were fitting differently!

Appreciating this, and you, very much! God has been telling me the same good to have it affirmed. Love you!...and sooo proud of your choice!

Shelley said...

So happy for you my friend. You are Amazing!

Sara Carmichael said...

Awesome. My mom and I were just e-mailing about this very thing this morning. I also truly believe a lot of our wrestle is not against this "flesh and blood" but against the spiritual realm as well, way more than we know. And the way to battle it? Scripture. So we're on the hunt for some good verses to memorize on self-control or something like that to help in the battle. In dealing with depression, I've been memorizing Psalm 143, and it's amazing how much it's been helping. 2 Corinthians 10:4 -- "The weapons we fight with [my interpretation here: God's WORD] are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds." In using it to fight the stronghold of depression, it's been helping!

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

Beautiful, friend. Just beautiful. How I needed to read this.

Simply Sara said...

amen and amen.
oh how i love your heart alana.

MarytheKay said...

Oh, this is good. So good. Thank you for these words today. :-)

Carissa said...

i love this post. and i love you. thank you for your real-ness. i needed this reminder.

Lynn said...

I have chills. FABULOUS! Praise the Lord for this HUGE victory!

Denise said...

your heart is so good to read in this. the emotional weight lost is far better than loss of physical weight... the food not being a stronghold but instead God having a hold on you is big VICTORY on the scale!

Kristen said...

I hate the D word. Hate living it even more :) Here's to strength for us both!
Found you via blog hopping around, glad I did :)

Linda Z said...

Yay for victory, Alana! Where are you in the journey now?

Heather C said...

Woohoooooooooooo! Now THAT'S victory! Love you.