Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick Kids 101

I think this might be for real. I think I might really be back to blogging. I know I've said that before, but it feels different this time. Of course, it is still too soon to tell, I may just fake myself out like I have a few times in the past and dwindle again in a week or a month, but it seems fun again and that is a good sign, I think.

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Sick Kids 101. So, it is spring break here in our household and instead of sunning ourselves in some tropical paradise, we are becoming Vitamin D deficient here in dreary Btown complete with high fevers and painful head congestion! Am I happy about this current reality? No. Am I resolved to it? Yes. For this particular minute, anyway.

So. I thought I would share some of my tips for surviving sick kids. I don't have a lot, honestly, but there are a few that in light of yesterday's post (re:laundry) are worth mentioning. Isn't it just like life for you to catch up on your laundry and then end up with sick kids? I mean, is there nothing MORE detrimental to an empty laundry basket than a sick kid or kids? I think not. Right. Back to those tips.

1) The Bed - Remove all bedding except the fitted sheet, one pillow with pillow case, and a blanket. Make sure the rest of the bedding is clean and put it away (far, far away from the sick child) so that you do not have to wash it again...and again...and (possibly) again. If you want to be super vigilant, take the fitted sheet, pillowcase, and blanket off each morning, replace with clean linens and then wash the dirty set. Sometimes I do this, other times I just wait until the sickness has passed to wash them.

2) Couch - Take one twin size fitted sheet and put it over the couch. It actually fits pretty well (at least for my couch). This way you minimize the chance of any "germ"age or potential bodily fluids getting on the couch (I love how I write this as I eat my dinner...mmm). IF there are bodily fluids involved (thank the Lord in this case there is not...knock knock) I also take a thick towel and put it over the pillow (or you could put it between pillow and case) and then place a thick towel on the floor underneath the bodily fluid receptacle (aka trash can). It is much easier to grab the towel(s) and clean them then it is to clean a pillow. Ick. Also, you can use a waterproof pad under the sheet to avoid any leakage. I know, I don't like that word either.

3) Keep a running tab of medication distribution in a central place. I use the dry erase board on my refrigerator. This is especially helpful if I have more than one sick kid and/or am dispensing a lot of medication in the nighttime when I am, shall we say, less than alert.

Maybe you guys have already figured these out, maybe not. I didn't figure the first two out until last year and am so glad I did!

It appears that I may have reached a whole new low on my blog referring to bodily fluids and eating dinner in the same sentence, but hey...this is real life and it's my life...at least for today. What about you guys? Any tips for managing sickness in the household? I'm all ears...or should I say eyes? Okay, that one was a little over the top.

Until next time...


Kenna Sue said...

And guess who else got caught up on her laundry this week, and had a son throwing up (he's done now. A one-time puker, he is, and he did it in the car this morning), and a daughter with an ear infection today? Hm? Guess! We're going to the doctor in the morning for an ear infection. It's Kenzie's first ear infection, and it's a doozie. I'm glad I'm not the only one spending spring break caring for sick kids in a very clean house that has no laundry back-log. Hope all get better very soon in your house!

Carissa said...

okay, just have to jump in here and say i'm REAL happy you are back to blogging!!!!!

Colored With Memories said...

wow! what a way to spend break. no fun.

great tips though!

hope everyone is feeling better soon!

life with the wisners said...

first of all, i am SO GLAD you are back. perhaps i will come back too. i want to, but UGH. just not there yet.

but then i come over here to leave a little comment love, and OH MY, you have a pretty new blog. (it isn't new, is it?)

love to you, friend.

JP's MOM said...

"bodily fluid receptacle"

Love it! Sorry you all are sick!

Lynn said...

I guess everything can be a learning experience. Ick. Not a great way to spend your spring break.

Janelle said...

I got nothin. Maybe that's cause my brain is fried from the 7th day of Tuberculosis 2010.

I am powered by Redbox, Krispy Kreme and the occasional ugly cry.

But your tips are great.

Denise said...

i'm zycaming as i read this to insure i don't get any germs!

love your ideas. we haven't been sick...yet! but i HATE germs. my kids have the germ nazi for a mother. we wipe faucets, handles, door knobs, and wash hands in excess.

Linda Z said...

We've had the worst sick season ever! Sicknesses since the beginning of February... and believe it our not, my little one has a 101 fever right now... again. Sigh. I think the hardest thing hasn't been the laundry, although that's been awful... we just feel like "normalcy" will never return. It's definitely a trial that we know God is walking us through and we'll eventually be "on the other side."

Debbi said...

Yes, whenever you COMPLETELY catch up on laundry, someone will start throwing up!!!

All I can say is Lysol, Lysol, Lysol. I spray it everywhere when kids are sick, and I truly do think it shortens the time that kids pass the bug around amongst each other. Four or five kids in a house can pass a bug around for a long time if you don't put a stop to it!! :)