Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ode to Coca-Cola

This is the Valentine Will made for me. Does he know his Mommy or what?

I just love it because...

1) It is actually quite a good likeness of the Coke bottle.
2) I really do love Coke, which I think he captured quite well with the two hearts on either side of the bottle.
3) He obviously put some thought into his gift to me.
4) It's sweet. Both figuratively and literally.

SO. Speaking of Coke. I recently declared on Facebook that I was attempting to give it up, or at least significantly decrease my consumption. If you know me well, you know this is a BIG deal. Because me and Coke? Well we are like THIS (picture appropriate hand gesture). In fact, it has always been one of those things that I literally "feel" like I can't live without. This to me was all the more reason to attempt giving it up. And so I did. Attempt being the operative word here. Right. I'll start with the bad news. Bad news is I did not give it up altogether. Good news is, it does not have the hold on me that it once had. I can now go a day or days without drinking it. HUGE progress. If I am at a social function and there is none available, I no longer break out into a cold sweat. You think I'm joking. So. I'm actually pretty happy with that. I would like at some point to give it up entirely, but for now I am content with this progress. Baby steps seem to be a theme in my life lately. It seems to work so much better than the "all or nothing" approach I have taken in the past.

And yes, I realize that wasn't an Ode. I am exercising my literary license on this one. A literary license also excuses fragments, by the way.


Shelley said...

That Valentine is Perfection. Love it! Earlier today Jason and I were a little stressed out. To help us out a bit, I poured us each a coke and said, "Here, drink this, it makes everything better."

So I guess I am officially a coke (coca-cola!) pusher.

JP's MOM said...

And here I thought your Ode was going to be you singing, "One Coke at a time, Sweet Jesus....



Love Will's gift, he is a thoughful boy. I like that when I am looking at a potential future son-in-law.

Denise said...

how cute that your son knows you.

have you tried good earth's sweet and spicy tea? it is yummy. tastes like soda to me. and it doesn't need sugar. it totally satisfies my soda craving.

i have a friend that stopped drinking soda for 1 yr. and he lost 13lbs. that made me switch to tea.

did you know coke can clean a toilet better than a pumas stone!

am i helping with the progress?

"one coke at a time, sweet jesus" is FUNNY!

MarytheKay said...

Oh my word. What a PERFECT Valentine! I love it!!! I'm just jealous I did get one... Cause, you know, I am a fellow junkie. :-) Coca Cola, that is.

Carissa said...

baby steps...those are my favorite kind! : )

Kristen said...

so sweet!

you know i LOVE fountain soda. love it. i haven't tried the tea that denise suggested because well i love the carbonation and drinking my soda from a straw.

my pastor just returned from a trip to israel and he is sure that God loves Coke because he could not find pepsi anywhere. thought you'd get a kick out of that :o)

beth said...

Oh, Alana. How I love reading your posts. It gives me my "Alana fix." Kind of like your "Coke fix." :) ha ha. That IS a big deal, by the way. I don't think I could go days w/o my coffee. I'm not even ready to try.