Monday, September 14, 2009

See, I told you!

I told you I would be back soon with a real post, but I bet you we're expecting it to be this soon. I mean my track record lately with posting has been less than stellar. However, I am home with a sick kid for the 5th day out of the last 7 and I thought maybe I could use a little of my time here for something besides attempting to seize and destroy all the germs in this house!

So, how ya been? We've been pretty well. We had a really big event recently when my youngest went to Kindergarten! He is loving it! And once I was able to work through all the emotions and implications of this event in my life, I have really been loving it, too! I have been reminded about just how crucial alone time is to my psyche. I am still working three days a week, but I now have two days BY MYSELF to get things done at home and elsewhere. I will admit that I have been home more than elsewhere because it just feels so good to be alone in my house. Of course, I miss the boys, but I find that I appreciate the time I do have with them even more. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

The second big event in our life as of yet involves a word that starts with a B. And no, it's not BABY! The B word I am thinking of is not as cute and cuddly as that one. The B word I am referring to is BUDGET. I know. A bad word for some of you, maybe, but I'm actually finding it is not as bad as it sounds and that I really find a lot of comfort in it.

One of the biggest changes has been our frequency of eating out. This has been huge for me and I thought it would be a lot harder than it has been. Rich has been a huge help and we have really enjoyed cooking together at times and he has been a lifesaver at helping me clean up. Yep. He's a keeper. I have also enjoyed the quality time at the table as a family (somehow it is just different than being around a table at a restaurant). Also, I have found the boys have been eating and trying more new foods because...well, there is no short order cook to give them exactly what they want. It's good.

Another big change with the budgeting has involved meal plans, grocery lists (what a novel concept!), coupons, sale papers, etc. I have been truly amazed at how much money I have saved just by having a plan! It takes a lot of time initially, but I believe it saves time in the long run. Seriously, how many hours of your adult life have you spent standing and staring at the freezer/refrigerator/freezer pondering what to have for dinner? It's nice to be able to go to the kitchen and just do instead of think. Ya know?

Anyway, I guess that's my little update for now. I'm going to download some pictures later and see about putting a few of those on here to catch you up in visual form.



Kristen said...

Yeah - welcome back! love the look. is it new or have i just been reading your blog through a reader and not noticed??

i am glad you have all adjusted to Kindergarten. my me time involves locking myself in the bathroom somedays :o) it is important and i need to do a better job of just saying i need it - and then doing it.

yeah for the budget! did you do dave ramsey's financial peace university? if not, it is a great course and would tie into what you are doing. it was life changing for our family. you should do a post on your couponing :o)

beckyjomama said...

We're tryin the dinner is what it is method too - I have one picky eater and one who will eat anything, so I figured I better go healthy while I can with the one and let the other one just leard to eat what she's served. Hope she doesn't starve first!!

Leah in Iowa said...

I am impressed - two posts in two days!? Keep it up - I've missed you! =)

R said...

i'm so there right now too! i'm becoming OCD about menu planning,grocery shopping and getting the best deals on food. i love being a homemaker! no one who knew me in college can believe it. :0)

Colored With Memories said...

great to hear from you...old blogger!

have you tried e-mealz? it is a great planning site!

enjoy your two days to yourself...important stuff happens when no one is talking to mommy!

Yankee Mama said...

I always love reading your blog! I was inspired by your FB status awhile back and thought i'd give meal planning a shot too and well, I have failed. It is so hard for me. I have to get back to that this week. Glad you get to enjoy some alone time, I would love some of that!=)

Denise said...

miss your witty bloggy personality.

yep, eating in, shopping at the cheap grocery store (the ugly one where they don't bag your groceries), and have a plan has SAVED us a lot of $ too.

Jason said...

Whoo Hooo! Alana blogged! I was excited to read your beautiful writing again!

Teresa said...

I really need to do some food planning... I attempt it all the time... and for a couple of weeks... I'm great. It's just that I don't stick with it... ah- the story of my life. (That not sticking with it thing would be why I'm trying to loose weight... yet again!!) :)

Heather C said...

You go, girl! I'm so proud of you! We have been discussing the B word here as well... you're inspiring me (and giving confirmation, too). DAng it. LOL

Lynn said...

Welcome back! Google reader is so handy for finding old friends when they take a blogging break. No worries, blogging is more fun when there is not the pressure of posting. However, it is great to see you here again. I have been lacking in the post department myself.

Thanks for the updates. God is doing some good stuff in your family. Let us know how it is going as you continue with the budget and meal planning.