Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's your IHC?

I'm currently staring at a load of whites that need to be folded. What is it about those whites that make me just want to throw my hands up in the air and give up? It's all those stinking socks, not literally, of course, they have been washed. I mean stinking as in annoying.

White socks are exponential.

There you have it. The profound thought of the day. And you heard it right here, folks.

It is one of those chores that really doesn't take that long, but somehow seems like a domestic version of Mount Everest. I've taken to calling them Irrational Hate Chores. Or IHC's. IHC's are bretheren to the itis's or itii...did we ever agree on a plural version?

I have many irrational hate chores, I'm ashamed to admit. Some are more pathetic than others. I'm thinking many of you might heartily agree that folding whites is a valid IHC, but I may be alone in the one I'm about to confess to you now.

Peeling apples.

I mean I HATE to peel apples for my children. It's terrible, I KNOW! And irrational...thus the designation Irrational Hate Chore. I will go to any lengths to avoid peeling an apple. Don't think I haven't considered driving through McDonald's to order some of their beautifully peeled and cut up apples. How much do you think they would charge for a lifetime supply? I've stooped as low as telling my children that there were no apples even when I was fairly confident we did have some. Forgive me, Jesus! And of course, if all else fails I can always pull the old "applesauce trick" out of my back pocket. It is MADE FROM APPLES, YOU KNOW!





I could go on, but I think you guys have probably had enough of my true confessions for now.

Plus, I really do need to fold those socks.

Feel free to share your own IHC if you feel the need to get it off your chest. No judgement or condemnation here.

This is a safe place for you.


Fran said...

So I don't sound like a really bad mom, I'll just limit it to a couple....

folding laundry! Any kind, any color. YUCK!

Emptying dishwasher! YUCK!

Putting laundry up! YUCK!!

Thanks for letting me share! There are others out there right?!

Gotta GROW with it said...

I love how you write such funny posts that make me laugh and then sigh at the reality of it in my own life!

My IHC...well basically anything about housecleaning. I am not good at it, I do not like it, I should be fired from it. But the one thing I am good at is baking and eating! The comforting side of being a SAHM!

So, if I were to pick one out of the hat mixed with IHC's?...I suppose it would be putting the clothes away. I've come a long way in the strides of doing laundry and keeping it up. Putting it away is a totally other subject. I'm amazed how long clothes will sit on the couch. All until someone needs another pair of undies, jeans, socks, etc. Maybe I should just put the dressers in the living room?

Kenna Sue said...

There comes a time in every Mom's life when her children are old enough to help with hate chores. Especially when it involves THEIR socks. This could be a really fun activity for them if you make a game out of it. Just try it when you have some time, and won't get frustrated that it's taking too long. Your boys are probably old enough to help in this aspect (at least Richie is). Give it a try! Plus it teaches them NOT to take you doing everything for granted. And, someday, when they're married, their wives will love you for teaching them how to tackle some laundry. I sort all my kids clothes, and they all sit on the floor with their piles, and fold. Took a while for them to get the hang of it, but they learned. And they like helping!

Lynn said...

putting gas in the car

cleaning the hair out of the drain in the shower (gross..I know...but DEFINITELY makes the list)

taking out the trash

....just to name a few.

Carissa said...

if the word "chore" is at all involved then it is an IHC for me. but, topping my list would have to be: dusting. that must be why i do it so RARELY!!!!!!!!!

Janelle said...

Lately, anything that involves standing up.

My IHC's...

handwashing things that aren't DW safe, stoneware & my good knives.

cleaning out my car on a daily basis.

taking off fingernail polish.

washing my face at night.

changing purses.

making lunch in the morning for Z.

toasting a waffle.

driving "the back way" that might involve more turning and stopping. Sometimes I am just too lazy to turn my car anymore than I have to.

eating a whole pickle.

Just to name a few. I don't want to overwhelm you with how much I don't enjoy doing. I want you to think I have it all together!!

Janelle said...

OH BOY. I just thought of a big one.

unpacking suitcases after a trip.

It have a ridiculous 3 week record with that one.

OK, I will leave you alone now.

JP's MOM said...

I don't do ever.

May i just say how my husband rocks in that department.

I also hate cleaning bathrooms...again another task my husband rocks at.

i do despise laundry, but my control of the clothing doesn't allow me to pass that on to my love. Just another good reason to always have too many for the kids...we can go a LONG time without laundry!

Abigail Munday said...

Ironing. Definitely ironing.

Becoming Me said...

I was in the middle of typing you a long reply and stopped to give my kids a I was dressing the baby the 4 yr old erased my message. Ugh,but on a funny not said 4 yr old was just complaining today about white socks. She said that white socks are boring and she will no longer wear boring socks on her fancy feet

Leah in Iowa said...

I used to hate peeling both apples and oranges for my kids - just too messy and inconvenient in my book. I always pushed bananas, since they're almost self-peelable. But then my kids had them growing out their ears, so I started peeling other fruits. (big sigh)

Today, my list of IHC chores would be cleaning up vomit (because, well, it's disgusting! Does anyone really LIKE doing that job?), cleaning toilets (if my kids have friends over that use our bathroom, my husband knows he'll have to give it a quick wipe before I'll go back in there) and ironing (which is a bit easier now that we don't buy any ironable clothes)!

Teresa said...

My IHC are:

Ironing, bathrooms, dusting, hanging up clothes, and emptying the dishwasher... My husband does all of those except the dishwasher... dishes are my job!! :)

Darlene R. said...

Here's mine...

washing the silverware. hate it!

I don't like socks either

scrubbing the tub


Shelley said...

You are gifted my dear! You can take a subject like folding white socks, and turn it into a masterpiece! You're just cool.

Okay, my IHC's...

bathing my kids.
doing dishes.
cleaning up after meals.
putting away laundry of any kind, but especially hanging things.

And Janelle, eating a whole pickle? Really? You're too funny!

Shirley said...

Hi, Alana--

I'm living in a motor home now, and detest taking my laundry to the laundry room in the RV park. Hate it, and I'm not sure why. It's really not hard, and in an hour and a half it is done for about 10 days.

Great post--

Shirley Buxton

mark&beth said...

putting the wash away. somehow folding it is relaxing...putting it away stresses me out! (although I agree with the socks issue.)
getting food out right after I've cleaned up the previous snack/meal
cleaning off my messy, messy, messy desk

I know there's more...the fact that I can't remember is just proof that I've avoided it for a LONG time now!

Xandra said...

LOL! I don't mind doing any of the laundry except for the stinkin WHITES! They are like rabbits in the dryer. I put in 8 pairs, I get 248 out.

Emptying the dishwasher runs a close second, though. I don't mind loading it, but I loathe taking the dishes out...especially all those sippy cup parts that collect nasty water and have to be rinsed again anyway!


Xandra said...

Oh yeah...and packing lunches for the kids at night. There's another IHC for ya!


Jenny said...

I NEVER peel apples for my kids! I don't blame you for hating it! Even my 15 month old eats it skin and all... and he only chokes on the skin about once every other day... :)

Heather said...

Laundry and Ironing. Nuff said?

Jamie said...

You've read my mind. My number one IHC is putting together all the little white socks. I have considered throwing them away and using a brand new pair every day. I know someday I will miss the little white socks in my laundry, or maybe not. I prefer barefeet anyway. As for the peeling of apples, I have a gadget that peels and slices all in one move. Or it will just peel or just slice. The kids love to do it, you just turn a handle. You must purchase one.

Earen said...

I just love reading your blog, for you brought a smile to my face today because I know your pain! :-) What about cutting the crust off the sandwich for my kids! Have a great weekend!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

Folding whites is one of my least favorites as well! You are not alone. :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Let's see....

filling up drinks for everyone constantly would have to be my least favorite!

BethAnne said...

Laundry of any kind
Cleaning the toilets and tubs
Answering the phone that never stops ringing
I could go on and on, but I am getting depressed just thinking about it! ahahahah

Sarah Markley said...

Changing a crib sheet. Seriously. Why is it so hard? I know they make them tight so nobody dies in suffocation of the sheet, but really, they are so freaking tight that I HATE it. I do it though, but not as often as I should.

Denise said...

i think you just saved me $ in counseling fees. it is so good to know i am not alone in my strong feelings of hate for socks and the whites. i usually stare at the hamper of white for a few days, by day 3 i convince my self that i'll fold them . by day 4 i pout, usually by day 5 my hubby comes to the rescue :-)

and apples too, why can't they eat the peel? and don't even get me started on oranges (yeah i'm just lazy).

my IHC (not including laundry), hmmm... the ring around the tub, mail on the counters, packing and unpacking.

btw- you are very funny! your blog adds to the laughter of life.

Teresa said...

So many IHC's....

I so agree with the crib sheet! I HATED changing those...esp when I was preg with Eli and had to lean over Ahlyn's crib with all that baby in me!

I too hate white clothes. My living room is currently cluttered with several piles of clean, folded clothes! AUGH!

I suppose my worst IHC is unpacking after a big trip. I usually use a HUGE rubbermaid tub and once we get home, it stays in kitchen...unpacked...for WAY too long! I've got Janelle beat...I think I went over a month!

Love your posts!

His Girl said...

I have nothing to add... let's just say "all of the above"

sigh! why can't i just WANT to put the laundry away???

jcdisciple said...

New to your blog. Love the IHC idea. I definitely hate the whites too...socks and underwear are so annoying.

Also, vacuuming and mopping my hardwoods and tile floors.

Taking all the stuff off the kitchen counters to REALLY clean the counters.

Looking forward to reading more.

Kara said...

Ok. I have to admit that peeling apples is a pretty funny thing to hate, but I understand. We all have our weaknesses. Do we really have enough comment space here to leave all of our IHC's behind?

Mine are definitely:

Ironing clothes. Don't like it. Don't do it.

Folding clothes. This means socks, undies and hanging up all the other stuff. Yuck. yuck.

Making beds. Ugh! I only do it when I have to, but I detest it and wish it didn't have to be done at any time. All those corners, those sheets to tuck and fold over so nicely. All the fluffy pillows. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Yeah. I need a maid. Let's all go in together and give each other a maid once a month. We will rotate. :-)

Laney-Lou said...

Let me add another thing to those pesky little white socks. How come it seems like there's the lonesome sock every time you get them out of the dryer?? Where in the world did that other sock go? I've come to the conclusion that the dryer eats them for some tasty treat.

Well, I would have to say my IHC is opening my dishwasher and seeing every cup with a little puddle of water on the top of it (or should I say bottom of it since it's upside down!). I think it's so pointless to have even put it through the drying cycle if you have to get a towel a dry them again before putting them away. UG! IHC!

Abigail Munday said...

I guess I complain about a lot of stuff, but I have to admit that I'm jealous of all of you that you actually have a dishwasher and a clothes dryer! Here in Japan we have neither...poor me...somebody play a violin for me...

And don't get me started on minuscule hubby and I can hardly both fit in ours. And our "oven" (more like a toaster oven) can only bake about 6 cookies at a time...

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...


This was too funny! I hate laundry! I don't mind washing, putting clothes in dryer, it is the putting away that I HATE!!!!

I love your blog! This is the 1st time here....

I am sooooo excited about my new blog! Amy from and did an amazing job!!! I love it. Come on over and check it out when you get a minute.
Many blessings!

Short Stop said...

Ewwww...the whites. I loathe doing the whites.

I also hate unloading the dishwasher...can't reach to put stuff away! :)

This made me smile. Thanks! :)

Teresa said...

I think that Jamie has the apple peeler from Pampered Chef... I could hook you up if you need one!! :)

Amydeanne said...

too funny.. mine would be the socks.. I have 4 children, and I really wonder who eats them.

Jennifer said...

I hate to clean my bathrooms! But, I can't stand for them to be dirty!!! I live in a house of boys...need I say more???!!!
I also detest matching and folding socks. I'm right there with you on that one. There's ALWAYS one missing!! Why??? Why???

Rochelle said...

This could take a while to list... goodness... and they truly are irrational. Especially this semester. Okay.... putting away clean dishes. Folding and putting clothes away. Any color. Can I throw homework in here? It's not a household chore, but, well, you know... oh I refuse to make the bed. That's right. I said it. Why should I make it if I'm gonna crawl right back in it? That one not irrational, if you ask me. :) But if the door bell rings you better believe I can make that bed in about 30 seconds!! lol!! Yes, I have issues. But the good thing is that in 2 years I will be a licensed marriage and family counselor and I'll psychoanalyze myself! :)

Paula said...

Love your humor. I hate ALL laundry!! So I can relate.

Delia Latham said...

New here, but I love this post. Maybe because I too have soooo many IHCs, huh???

Laundry - in or out, doesn't matter
IRONING - ugh!
Washing dishes - love the warm water on my sometimes achy fingers, but good heavens, how it hurts my back...
Sweeping - Again, my back screams just thinking about it!

I'm gonna stop now, before I start just sounding LAZY. :0)