Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Katie said...

Hello! I found your blog while trying to google kindermusik teachers. This is something I am considering doing but I am having a really hard time connecting with other teachers and I would love to pick your brain! Here is a little info about me- I am certified teacher and used to teach kindergarten but now I stay home with my 6 month old twins. I think teaching kindermusik would be the perfect opportunity for me (potentially) but am worried to take the plunge. First of all, I want to do it in my home but when I asked on a message board what people thought- a lot of people never heard of that and they take their classes in a center or church. I think I could keep my classes cheaper if I didn't have to rent a room. Also, it would be easier for me if I didn't have to take my kids out. A couple other moms stated they would only take classes from a music educator/therapist or accomplished musician. I would think having a master's level certified early childhood teacher would be qualifications enough- I'm not trying to classically train your 2 year old. But I can implement developmentally appropriate and educational music lessons while still making sure your kids have a fantastic time! But anyway, I was wondering if you have encountered any challenges with teaching kindermusik in your home? Please email me if you see this: I know you are busy but I would love to hear from you! Thank you!!!

Shelley said...

Alana, very cute! I love those smilebox things!

Lynn said...

Your boys just keep growing! Will's smile just takes over his whole face. So sweet. Richie is looking like a young man. What happened to your little boy?