Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Noticer: A Giveaway

I've decided to give away my copy of The Noticer. See review below.

Leave a comment about a time in your life when a little change of perspective made a BIG difference in your life!

All comments must be left before midnight on Thursday, May 7th. I'll announce the winner on Friday, May 8th!


Carissa said...

perspective is so tricky. sometimes, a change of perspective is essential. but sometimes, a change of perspective can look a lot like denial or avoidance of the real issue at hand. it is all about balance, i guess. isn't it all, though!

Pam said...

My 29th year was an such a gift from the Lord. It was a wonderful year of Spiritual growth for me. I have always struggled with self-esteem and insecurity and I was reading a daily devotional "31 days of praise" and I read something that hit me like a brick. We do not have to IMPRESS others. (it's hard to get the emphasis when writing this) Anyway, changing my perspective about that was very freeing. I admit I still struggle with insecurity, but when the Spirit reminds me that I don't have to impress others I can stop and put things into perspective. Thanks for the chance to share this 'nugget of gold' (as my husband always says) that is close to my heart.

Sarah Markley said...

change of perspective: when we decided we wanted to get pregnant with our first baby 8 years ago, i was 50 lbs overweight. i knew that i didn't want to carry the weight and a baby so i allowed the desire to start a family to help propel me toward weight loss. i did. and when i got pregnant the next year, i was healthy during my pregnancy. little shift - big change. =)

ps - i've heard of this book. nice to see you promoting it.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well. I would have to say my biggest change of perspective came when I realized that my hubby, whom I thought was so snobby and most unfriendly when I first met him, was actually just a little shy and was quickly going to become my best friend. :)

This book sounds great, Alana - thanks!

Janelle said...

I thiink when I realize that I am not entitled to a perfect life. Actually, I deserve the pit of h*ll as do we all. It is not a "right" for me to have XY&Z in my life, it is a "priviledge" to have those things. When I can look at things as "priviledges" and not "rights" then my perspective changes and I can live freely.

Shelley said...

Hey friend! Happy (late) Blogoverary!!!